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Resune Mining
TypePrivate Company
GenreMining and Refining
FoundedTamaku, Oyen, Grand Besaid
Founder(s)Frank Trabolossi
HeadquartersTamaku, Grand Besaid
Area servedWorld, primarily Grand Besaid
Key peopleFrank Trabolossi (CEO) & Kyle Triuma (CCO)
ProductsOres, Mined Substances, Refined Substances, Pure and Impure Metals
ServicesMining and Refining
Net income$48,583,994,000

Resune Mining Co. was founded by amateur cave explorer, jewelry maker, and miner, Frank Trabolossi in an effort to provide Grand Besaid with a domestic alternative to the many foreign mining companies that pre-dated the start of the Domestic Mining Boom started by Resune Mining Co. By Frank Trabolossi's vision, and early, yet prominent investor, Kyle Triuma's guidance and capital, Resune Mining Co. was able to prosper into a flourishing national, and international business.

The company began mining gold in the many mines in and around the mountains in the state of Oyen. Later, the company expanded its work to include gems, silver, oil, coal, uranium, platinum, iron, copper and titanium. After owning nearly 30% of the entire mining market, Resune Mining created its refining branch which began to allow Resune Mining to start to become a vertical industry.

Not long after, the company began offering its refining services to other companies, with great success. The company, thus, began to offer a new product, pure metals, gems, and substances. More recently, the company expanded to include jewelry and other popular metal products. However, this branch of the company is still growing as it is relatively small as of yet. The last branch, that of jewelry and pure metals, is projected to grow exponentially for the next few years, and is expected by many economists to become a major power within the jewelry and metal works markets. Once that occurs, the company will become a completely vertical company, being able to go from ores to rings all under the logo of one company.