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Republican Army of Draco
Tournament Edition alliance
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Team Color Black
Founder(s) MCDever, CharlesVII, Bahamut
Founded May, 11 2010
  • General: MCDever
  • General: CharlesVII
  • General: Skable
Other Officials
  • Minister of Defense: KabakaLulika
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: MCDever
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Skable, Thowron
Black team senate None
International relations Protectorate with Army of Darkness
Notes RAD is the TE alliance of Saint Patricks Brigade

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 30/5/10

Total Nations 11
Strength 25,665
Avg. Strength 2,333
Nukes 5
Score 2.91
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The History of R.A.D[]

It all began at the start of round 11. When MCDever of the alliance 'The Red Guard' messaged CharlesVII of the alliance 'The Army of Darkness' About Starting An Irish Alliance Based On The 'Provisional Irish Republican Army'.

On The 20/4/2010 They Started P.I.R.A(Provisional International Republican Army).

To help there alliance grow CharlesVII And MCDever decided to find an alliance to Merge with. After asking around MCDever found an alliance called 'The Order of Draco' after contacting their leader Bahamut MCDever suggested the idea of a Merge between P.I.R.A and O.o.D after two weeks of trading PM's in T.E there hammered out a new alliance with would eventually become the Republican Army of Draco..


Currently Republican Army of Draco is in an ongoing war with Republic of Allied Defenses. The only reasoning behing the war is purely because both alliances share the same acronym. Both sides have sustained heavy casulties.