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ŐεлÞфњгéжą Жąлжąхê
(translit.) Respublika Kaskady
Republic of the Cascades
Flag of Republic of the Cascades Coat of Arms (in English) of Republic of the Cascades
National Flag Coat of Arms
(in English)
"Ops Populus"
"Power to the People
National Anthem
Solidarity Forever
Location of Republic of the Cascades
Capital Seattle
Official languagess Cascadian
Demonym Cascadian
Government Direct democratic republic
- Head of State Brad Evans
- Independence

16 November 2008
Major Religions State secularism1
National Animal Black bear
Total Area 1,384,588 sq km (534024 sq mi)
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
14,677,895 (64th in the world)
Alliance Affiliation None
Currency Cascadian Dollar (¢)
Literacy Rate 98.9%
Time Zone UTC -8/-7
1 The government of the Cascades is officially secular, however many religions are expressed in that nation.

The Republic of the Cascades (Cascadian: ŐεлÞфњгéжą Жąлжąхê, transliterated: Respublika Kaskady; or alternatively the Cascades, Cascadia, Cascadian Republic, Republic of Cascadia) is a nation in North America primarily made up of the former US states of Washington, Oregon, and the former Canadian province of British Columbia. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia is bordered by Canada to the north and northeast, the United States by the south and south east, and the Pacific Ocean by the west. At 1,384,588 sq km in land area, the Cascades is the 20th largest country in the world and 64th largest by a population of 14,677,895.

Emerging from the Cascadian Revolution, the independence of the States of Washington and Oregon over the contested 2008 election for President of the United States. The relatively short conflict in mid-December 2008 where US troops occupied southern and eastern parts of Cascadia. After the withdrawal of US troops following the Treaty of Seattle, Cascadia was awarded relative peace with the United States as popular opinion in support of the Bush and future McCain Administrations plummeted over its advocation for the war in the Pacific Northwest. After the political turmoil in Canada following the delayed federal election in 2008, British Columbia succeeded from Canada (along with Quebec) and was integrated into the Republic of Cascades on 19 December 2008. Today, the Republic of Cascades enjoys a good economy and the introduction of its own unique language, Cascadian.

Prelude and Road to Revolution[]

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