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Republic of White Nations
Tournament Edition alliance
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RoWN Official Flag

RoWN Motto: We fight for the underdogs, we fight for the weak, we fight for FREEDOM!
Active in Round(s): Since Round 5
Team Color White
Founder(s) King Alias, Boogieman
Leader(s) President Boogieman
Cabinet Mesteut
Field Marshal
Propaganda Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
White team senate RoWN votes for the senators of the Phoenix Federation
International relations Mutual Defense Pact
Supercedes and includes all other treaties

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 26th August 2009

Total Nations 8
Active Nations 8
Percent Active 100%
Strength 6,600
Avg. Strength 825
Nukes 0
Score 1.45


The Republic of White Nations was founded by King Alias when he went to war with Boogieman. He told Boogieman he would only give him peace if he switched his alliance to 'Republic of White Nations' and helped him start a new alliance. Once RoWN got 6 members, they approached the Roman Empire seeking a protectorate. The Roman Empire turned them down. Then they negotiated with the Phoenix Federation. After much persuasion, the Phoenix Federation decided to give the Republic of White Nations a chance.

In Round 5, SOS Brigade and the Republic of White Nations fought the Lazy Penguin Eaters together. In doing so, a close bond was formed - leading to a Mutual Defense Treaty. On the 23rd July 2009 (Round 6), the Republic of White Nations signed a MDoAP with Box Vipers and SOS Brigade, forming the "White Vipers of Haruhi"

In Round 6, the first government structure was formed. King Alias set up a government system of Consuls, each overseeing a diverse department. Also in Round 6, the CTF-RoWN War was fought, with decisive Republic victory. The Phoenix Federation had received intel from CTF Brotherhood that they were going to throw the Republic a 'surprise'. The Phoenix Federation passed this onto King Alias, but told him to keep it on the down-low. After conversing with Boogieman, King Alias decided he couldn't handle the suspense. The next day at update, the Republic blitzed CTF Brotherhood at update, putting 5 of their 7 nations in anarchy. Within 2 days CTF Brotherhood surrendered, their average nation strength and total NS nearly half of what it was before the war. With victory on hand, King Alias and Republic of White Nations gave CTF Brotherhood white peace, and offered for them to merge into RoWN.

In Round 7, King Alias left the Republic of White Nations to form a new alliance, the Black Cats. As a result, Boogieman assumed Presidency, followed by a quick reform of the government and alliance structure.

Foreign Policy[]

The Republic of White Nations' is a member of WOLF, and a Protectorate under the Phoenix Federation. These two treaties supercede any other treaty the Republic of White Nations has. Other than that, the Republic of White Nations honors any treaty it has made in the past, and never is the one to break one - as per the Foreign Doctrine of the Republic.