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Republic of Lebanon
National Flag

National Flag
"The Green Cedar, Representing Life"
Capital City Beirut
Official Language(s) Arabic, English
Demonym Lebanese
Established 11/16/2009
(5,353 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler Ali Ajami
Alliance Colonial Independence Association
Colonial Independence Association
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Blue (since 11/16/2009) Blue
Statistics as of 23 July 2010
Total population 51,867
 41,786 civilians
 10,081 soldiers
Population Density 25.40
Currency Rupee Rupee
Infrastructure 4,438.00
Technology 483.45
Nation Strength 17,918.065
Nation Rank 8,067 of 5,242 (153.89%)
War/Peace War is an option for Republic of Lebanon. Currently at peace
Native Resources Marble Wheat


The Republic of Lebanon was formed a little over 250 days ago after the revolution ended in the previous state of Lebanon 2 back in 2007. After emerging as a brand new nation, the Republic of Lebanon was attacked by two nations. Quickly to be saved by Land of Linn and recruited into the Colonial Independence Association. Things quickly took a turn for the better for the Republic of Lebanon as development aid and countless tech deals were conducted. Strength sky rocketed and a trade circle was formed. The population in the nation continues to grow and her people currently enjoy its prosperity day to day.

Colonial Independence Association[]

The Republic of Lebanon has been a key player in the Colonial Independence Association for quite sometime. Although she has not been able to do as much as its more developed members, she has been able to make some significant changes. Shortly after the acceptance of the Republic of Lebanon into the alliance, the king of this nation was appointed to Minister of Finance and Economics position. He managed all the trades and tech that went through the alliance. Soon after, the king was moved from the finance position to the foreign affairs where to this day, he still holds.

Signed Treaties[]

The Republic of Lebanon backed up and hosted the signing of two treaties in the Royal Courtyard. The SOS Brigade signed an ODP with the Colonial Independence Association and the Blackstone Commission signed a PIAT. Both parties created a great pathway to friendship. The alliance of Tetris was invited as a royal guest.

Foreign Relations[]

Since creation, the Republic of Lebanon has always held a non-aggression stance. We are fully against tech raiding, spying, and plenty of other aggression type actions. We have maintained peace throughout Planet Bob and using the foreign affairs position in our alliance to keep things that way.