The religion of Bobogoobo is fairly diverse, is very tolerant of others (as long as they are solely a benefit to society), and is constantly changing and updating to fit current circumstances. The official religion of Bobogoobo is Sensism, an atheistic philosophical system of beliefs. It also contains elements of Quakerism, and looks to many other religions for some non-religious practices such as yoga.


Bobogoobo's initial official religion was Norse because O'Goobo had been studying that religion for several months and was interested in it. However, he soon realized that his citizens were very indecisive, and wanted a different religion every few weeks. O'Goobo changed the national religion to comply with the desire of the majority. Later, construction finished on a Great Temple, which ensured that O'Goobo could choose one national religion and his citizens would be happy with the decision. Initially, O'Goobo went back to the Norse religion. Later, after O'Goobo had learned more, he decided that the nation would be Atheist. However, he realized that his citizens would not be happy without anything to worship, so he dedicated the Temple to what is called Sensism.



A proposed symbol for Sensism.

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Sensism is an offshoot of Freethought, which O'Goobo sometimes practices. It did not become Bobogoobo's official religion suddenly; its popularity slowly built up after the creation of the Great Temple. Sensism is the belief that common sense (which really isn't so common) should be applied at all times and that decisions should be made based on what makes sense, among other principles. One of the main secondary principles is to live a healthy life, because it doesn't make sense not to live as well as possible. Sensism attempts to be as open-ended as possible so that its followers can interpret it however they think is best, there are no strict rules for following the religion, and the religion can update itself for modern times. In all matters, Sensism takes precedence over even the nation's constitution, and is taken into consideration in all parts of the nation. There is no leader of the religion; everyone is equal in status in the religion, even O'Goobo.

Several dedicated followers of Sensism wrote a book called Common Sense, which outlines principles of Sensism all the way down to the most basic of ideas. The book also contains several hundred pages of thoughts, suggestions, practices, examples, literature, and various other information related to the religion. Some excessively patriotic citizens claimed that the book was revolutionist propaganda and attempted to have the book burned, but they were quickly silenced by the immense popularity of the book.

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