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Executive power, head of TGECN

The Regent was a short-lived Head of State of The German Empire, representing the executive authority responsible for directing the Imperial German Government in absence of a proper Kaiser. accordance with the Laws and Customs of The German Empire. The Regent officially serves for life, or until he abdicates the throne or leaves the game. The last serving Regent was King Tower, who served from 22 December 2011 until 24 December 2011, when Anson officially ended his term.

There is potential for a return of the position of Regent if any executive of the Reich feels he or she is unsuited to the title of Kaiser.

Regents of The German EmpireEdit

  • First Regent: Anson
  • Second Regent: King Tower - Assumed throne as Kaiser King Tower

Emperors of The German EmpireEdit

  • First Emperor: Wilhelm I
  • Second Emperor: Wilhelm von Berlin
  • Third Emperor: Anson - Office Abolished
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