Reeducation of Devildogs
Date: December 2, 2007 - c. April 4, 2008
Casus Belli: Devildogs violates Revenge Doctrine
Result: Devildogs sentenced to perma-ZI

New Pacific Order

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Initial Attacks[edit | edit source]

On November 26 a member of the Devildogs alliance attacked a member of the Red team micro alliance 1stMI in a raid. 1stMI retaliated against the aggressor using conventional attacks by multiple nations, then offered peace, stating that the sides were now "even". Devildogs responded with a new wave consisting of both conventional and nuclear attacks launched against multiple 1stMI nations.

Pacifica Becomes Involved[edit | edit source]

In over their heads, on November 28 1stMI officially requested help from NPO under the tenents of the Revenge Doctrine, which guarantees the safety of unaligned Red team nations. NPO determined that 1stMI was so small, disorganized and isolated from cyberverse politics that it amounted to a collection of unaligned nations, and agreed to provide assistance. Hoping to achieve a diplomatic solution, Pacifica approached Devildogs about the situation. Devildogs however responded that they did not recognize NPO's right to enforce the Revenge Doctrine, and proceeded to troll the NPO forum with threats of OOC attack. Devildogs eventually ceased attacks on 1stMI and recognized NPO's authority over the Red team, but its leadership continued to pester Pacifica, and on December 2 the NPO officially declared war.

Forum Attack[edit | edit source]

MindsRH, a notable member of Devildogs and Clan RH(a clan on blizzard's server from which the leaders of Devildogs came) leaked information on plans of a denial of service attack on NPO forums. On December 4, this information was relayed to NPO government, and on December 15 the forum was found to be offline. In response, NPO emperor TrotskysRevenge declared perma-ZI for all members of the Devildogs alliance. Devildogs culpability for the attack was further confirmed by a series of screen shots taken from within Clan RH's channel and posted publibly by TrotskysRevenge

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