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[[League of Soviet Nations]]<br />
[[League of Soviet Nations]]<br />
[[National Liberation Front]]<br />
[[Nevermore]]<br />
[[Nevermore]]<br />

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Red Sphere
Sanctioned Alliances

New Pacific Order

Unsanctioned Alliances

Cult of Justitia

League of Soviet Nations

National Liberation Front


The Destiny Project

The Moralist Front

Union of Communist Republics

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The events, alliances, senators, and other notable nations of the red team are listed below.


Red Under the New Pacific Order

The Cross Atlantic Treaty Organization which was soon renamed the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization started as an alliance on both the Red and Green teams but with the emergence of the New Pacific Order on the red team GATO decided in February 2006 to move to the Brown trading sphere where no other alliance resided at the time. Since then the red team has been dominated primarily by the NPO. NPO's dominance first occurred with the Moldavi Doctrine and later re-affirmed with the Revenge Doctrine. These two Documents Declare unaffiliated nations on the Red team off limits to tech raid and the New Pacific Order claiming the Red sphere as their sole domain. It states that other alliances are not permitted to reside on Red without Pacifican consent, nor are Senate candidates from outside the NPO membership tolerated.

The Moldavi Doctrine was declared null and void on August 14, 2008 with the issuance on the Rebel Virginia Doctrine by Vox Populi (2nd). This however was largely ignored by all discerning nations and alliances and the Moldavi Doctrine has thus not been affected.

Karma War

The Karma War was possibly the largest event to affect Red Team after the Moldavi Doctrine. The New Pacific Order's massive loss of strength and political control during the conflict made the Moldavi Doctrine untenable. As a result, a number of Red team alliances formed during and after the war. Two Red alliances, FIRE and CoJ, were especially important in challenging Pacifican control of the Red team. On June 13, the Moldavi Doctrine was rescinded by Emperor TrotskysRevenge with the Revenge Doctrine being modified. FIRE eventually disbanded, though it made its mark by being the first large red alliance besides the NPO since GATO left for the Brown Sphere. As of July 26, the decommissioning of military per the peace terms between the New Pacific Order and its opponents took The New Pacific Order off the sanction list for the first time since more than three years ago; however, subsequent growth allowed them to regain a sanction spot with ease.

Red Dawn

This bloc was formed to attempt to unite the Red teams. Currently only four alliances are members of the bloc with NPO membership pending.


As of 3rd January 2010, these alliances currently exist on the red sphere. Along with unaligned nations, the sphere totals 1,724 nations, over 16 million nation strength and a team score of 76.41.

Current Alliances

AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance ScoreActive Blocs
NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order NPO 27th January 2006 35.97 [1]
AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance ScoreActive Blocs
CoJFlag Cult of Justitia CoJ 23rd May 2009 0.81 [2] Red Dawn
LSN League of Soviet Nations LSN 20th January 2010 1.20 [3]
NLF National Liberation Front NLF 8th March 2010 1.16 [4]
NevermoreFlag Nevermore 24th July 2009 0.87 [5] P&L Train , Red Dawn
Destiny-1 The Destiny Project TDP 27th July 2009 0.89 [6] Red Dawn
TMF-flag The Moralist Front TMF 10th June 2009 0.36 [7] Red Dawn
30px Union of Communist Republics UCR September 2008 0.75 [8]

Former Alliances

AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance FateDate of Fate
AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance FateDate of Fate
1stMI  ???? Disbanded April or May 2008
Gatoflag Cross Atlantic Treaty Organization CATO 12th January 2006 Moved February 2006
CGFlagSmall Crimson Guard CG 26th July 2009 Disbanded [9] 25th August 2009
CKFlag Christie Kreme CrKr 20th September 2009 Merged [10] 8th February 2010
FIREfinalflag Federation of Imperial Red Empires FIRE 6th June 2009 Disbanded [11] 16th July 2009
Lba2 Little Big Alliance LBA 4th September 2009 Merged [12] 25th December 2009
Lithflag Monolith LITH 17th July 2009 Merged [13] 7th September 2009
30px The Organization of Imperial Nations OIN 6th April 2006 Moved  ????
ICSN flag Socialist Workers Front SWF 14th May 2009 Disbanded [14] 5th Febuary 2010
USSRflagnew Soviet Union USSR 15 June 2009 Disbanded 1st February 2010
TCoalition The Coalition TC 28th August 2009 Merged [15] 23rd September 2009
UED United Earth Directorate UED 27th May 2009 Disbanded [16] 30th December 2009
Vox7-2 Vox Populi Vox 13th August 2008 Disbanded [17] 20th May 2009

Notable rulers

Some rulers had a major impact on the events on the Red team:


Nation RulerNationRepresenting
Biff Webster Wagglefka CoJFlag Cult of Justitia
Kingdom of Dark Kingdom of Dark NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
Millionario Malone NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
Nation RulerNationRepresenting
Comrade Gabriel Bakunin's Dream NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
Frawley Frawley NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
kingzog Ottawa Empire Vox7-2 Vox Populi
Lord Abraxas Z'ha'dum NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
New Reverie New Reverie 30px League of Small Superpowers
Philosopher The Borat Empire NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
Sei Narcoleptica NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
Stanger stangerites NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
TrotskysRevenge Arseanistan NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
Vladimir Soviestan NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order

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Significant Red Team Alliances
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