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Notes: Two of members of iFOK, a single member of Poison Clan, and a single member of Ragnarok also had red tech raids during the time of the Safari.

The Red Safari was a mass tech raid on individual non-alliance members of the red trading sphere by members of various tech raiding alliances. The Red Safari started on July 17, 2010 and it has been called a "grassroots" movement as it has been argued that it was started by members of various raiding alliances, was not officially sanctioned by any of their leadership, and the members participating have not broken any of their alliance's tech raiding rules. It has been described as an opposition to the Revenge Doctrine put out by Red Dawn to protect the individual nations of the Red trading sphere from unprovoked attacks like tech raids. Red Dawn's announcement topic related to the Safari caused much debate on the topic of tech raiding with a multitude of alliances decrying the mass raid and others arguing that Red Dawn does not have the right to extend protection to the entire sphere.


Stats taken on July 24, 2010; May be missing deleted wars
  • GOONS: 16 nations launched a total of 21 raids
    • Raids on the micro-alliance U.S.S.R. expanded to a full-scale conflict
  • \m/: 11 nations launched a total of 20 raids.
  • Mushroom Kingdom: 5 nations launched a total of 5 raids.
  • FOK!-Allaince: 4 nations launched a total of 6 raids.
  • iFOK!-Alliance: 2 nations launched a total of 2 raids.
  • Poison Clan: 1 nation participated
  • Ragnarok: 07/17/2010 - 1 nation raided 1 red nation and 2 non-red nations

Red Dawn Response[]

Several days ago, in the hopes of "striking a blow" for tech raiders, elements of MK, FoK, PC, \m/ and others initiated what they have dubbed the Red Safari--organized raids upon unaligned and micro-AA nations alike residing on the Red Sphere.

This action is in direct contravention to the stated purpose of the Red economic bloc Red Dawn, and the modified Revenge Doctrine.

Raiding is nothing new to Red. With the novelty of a supposedly-prostrate Pacifica being continually refreshed in the minds of the followers of the dominant forces of Digiterra, Red is one of, if not the most raided spheres; however, the organized nature of this latest threat is a direct attack on the well being and stability of our home on Red.

It is obvious to us that there is more to these actions than meager gains in land and technology. Well-connected and protected alliances are targeting the Red Sphere in the hopes of drawing out the alliances of Red into open warfare by assaulting the uncoordinated nations with whom we share a symbiotic relationship. The targets of the Red Safari are essentially uninvolved bystanders, which the participants of the safari have turned into victims and tools of their designs on anti-raiding alliances. Attacking innocent nations in an attempt to bait the alliances of Red into war is reprehensible. For some Red leaders, this step is an action we would not expect from those we know in the raiding alliances, and it is a low-point that alarms us.

As an entity tasked with the safeguarding of the mutual interests of Red, we of Red Dawn condemn this action; however, we are not so clumsy as the perpetrators of this crime might have hoped. You may force us to act, but you will not have your desire.
The Alliances of Red Dawn, CN Forums

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