Red Rum
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Terra Hawk
Founded October 2009
  • King:fiercesob
  • Chancellor: Viper
  • Vice Chancellor: -----
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Derdi
  • Minister of Immigration: ---
  • Minister of Economy: Donny
  • Minster of Defense: Lolkitteh

AllianceStats Statistics as of 12/24/2010

Total Nations 13
Strength 80,203
Avg. Strength 6,169
Nukes 16
Score 0.48
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Red Rum is a Red team alliance.

Charter of Red RumEdit


The Red Rum Alliance was funded to be a multi colored alliance to flourish and work with its fellow members. The Red Rum Alliance believes in Unity and Friendship to help the members prosper and grow.


Any member wishing to join The Red Rum Alliance must provide the following information upon their applying:

  1. Nation name and ruler.
  2. Strength.
  3. Resources.
  4. Team.

The Leadership CouncilEdit

  • The King (Permanent)
  • Prime Minister (Semi Permanent)
  • Minister of Defense (Voted)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (Voted)
  • Minister of Immigration (Voted)
  • Minister of Internal Affairs (Voted)


Containing five seats, the Leadership Council will serve as the governing body of the alliance. The King will appoint the Leadership of the alliance. Once the alliance reaches a membership amount the King feels is sustainable the offices will be voted upon by the membership.


Any member acting out side of the alliance guide lines will be removed from the alliance with out question. The king can do this with out the consent of the council but has to be accountable for his action to the council. The council can also remove a member out of the alliance without the consent of the King but likewise they will be accountable for the actions they take.


Amendments will be made to this charter as the alliance grows and will be actioned by the council and the King and the alliance will be made of any such changes. The members of the alliance are able to put ideas for the charter forward for review at any time.

Wars and Alliance WarsEdit

Every member of the alliance is expected to do what is needed in times of war. If a member is attacked for no reason we will try and resolve with out war but if that fails we will take full action to the attacker.

War AidEdit

There are no restrictions on aid, either financial or military except to alliance members engaged in un-sanctioned battles. Only after the war has ended, can aid be extended to those members.

Internal ConflictEdit

Any alliance nation that attacks a fellow nation or an official ally, without going through the proper means of sanctioning, is to be expelled from the alliance and destroyed.


All members of the alliance are encouraged to trade within their alliance but may trade to other nations out side of the alliance if necessary.

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