Red Army
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Established 7/27/2006
(5,409 days old)
Alliance Regnum Invictorum
Regnum Invictorum
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Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Dan2680 founded the nation of Red Army on 27 July 2006. From these beginnings he went onto join many different alliances, which include the New Pacific Order, though he left after finding it wasn't very "homely" to him, he also joined GOLD, however leaving that after experiencing issues with their last leader. He helped form TRUST, though TRUST ended up merging with HALO thus he became a member there. After experiencing inactivity issues, HALO merged to become part of Nebula-X. However after an episode which saw a number of the government leave, Nebula-X merged into Invicta, bringing Dan to his current home.

Invicta[edit | edit source]

Presidents of Invicta
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After the end of the Karma War, and Nebula-X's merger being complete, Dan became a member of Invicta. For his part in defending Invicta during the last war, he was awarded the Red Star of Invicta Award by Jorost, for the part he played while a member of Nebula-X. In Invicta, Dan took up jobs in the area of foreign affairs. Proving himself successful, he advanced through the ranks rapidly and soon became the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Invicta.

For Dan, some of the more influential people include Jorost and Haflinger, whom he knew and was in contact with prior to joining Invicta.

One of his most memorable moments was his promotion to Minister for Foreign Affairs. Future goals for Dan include doing his best for Invicta and trying to improve the alliance in any way he can.

On January 19, 2011, Jorost stepped down from his role of Lord Protector on the second anniversary of his reign to appoint Nascar and Dan2680 as co-Presidents of the alliance, as per Invicta's original form.

Awards[edit | edit source]

Dan2680's Ribbon Bar
Red Star of Invicta
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