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Capital City Ost Berlin
Established 12/17/2006
(4,947 days old)
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Blood For Friends
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Since 08/13/2012 (2,881 days)
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RedCommunist is the moniker of a man who remains much a mystery to the citizens of the DDR and the NSO.

History of RedCommunist Edit

NationStates Edit

NationStates History, which lasts for seven years, will not be very detailed and large amounts of time not accounted for. If you have any questions, contact RedCommunist by contacting his nation in NS or CN.
On December 17, 2002 the nation of RedCommunist was founded in The Pacific. Later in the day the region of the USSR was founded by RedCommunist and nations quickly started to flood into the region. On December 28, 2002 Nazi Germany invaded the USSR and the NS WW1 began uniting many socialist/communists together against fascism. After months of long hard battles fascism was defeated and the USSR was one of the largest player created regions in the game, holding several alliances and regions. Following the war a Soviet Republic was created and more members joined the USSR in hopes of bringing their experiences in NationStates to a new level. After several months, including the fraction with North Alerica that created over a year of role playing experiences for a generation of Soviets, the Soviet Republic was dissolved. Following the Soviet Republic was the Communist Citizen's Republic. It was marked namely by the struggle with Imperial Germany, which resulted in several battles between Imperial Germany/Alerica and the USSR. Following treason in the USSR by a high-ranking member, Foil, RedCommunist had Imperial Germany destroyed using Red Army troops and founder powers transferred from Hellsing2, founder and KGB member of the USSR.

Cybernations Edit

New Pacific Order Edit

On January 25, 2006, RedCommunist created the DDR. He joined with several other members of NationStates who were in The People's Republic of The Pacific in creating the New Pacific Order or NPO for short.

Founders of the New Pacific Order
Karpathos · RedCommunist · Ivan Moldavi · Koona · TrotskysRevenge · Vladimir · Iosef · LordValentine · Dilber


On May 1, 2007, RedCommunist resigned the NPO and created the USSR with the support of members of the previous USSR in NationStates. It lasted for a period two months, gaining over 25 members. Like the USSR of before, the government was established as a Soviet Triumvirate where RedCommunist served as the Premier. On June 20, 2007, RedCommunist disbanded the USSR when the NPO went to war and many members wished to rejoin the ranks and fight for the glory of The Pacific.

Current Roles of RedCommunist Edit

RedCommunist serves as the Generalsekretär des Zentralkomitees der Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutschlands in the DDR.

New Sith Order Edit

On March 5, 2009, RedCommunist joined the New Sith Order at the request of Doppelganger.

Political & Historical Writings Edit

What Killed the Revolution - A quizzical poem about the NPO's transition from the past to the present state of order.

CommdoveCollected Works of RedCommunistCommdove
What Killed the Revolution · The State and Revolution · The Manifesto of Francos Spain · Theory and Practice of the Soviet Triumvirate

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Important Events August Revolution
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Literary Works Proper Francoist Thought - The Meaning of Freedom - Five Days that Shook the World - Francoist Papers
An Introduction to Francoism - The Sage and the Student - Principles of Pacifica Weekly Address Series

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