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Red-Fire Pact

New Pacific Order
The Phoenix Federation

Treaty Type: MnDoAP
Treaty Signed: 19 May 2010
Treaty Status: Canceled

The Red Fire Pact was originally a Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact signed by the New Pacific Order and The Phoenix Federation which was signed on 19 May 2010. However, it was amended to a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact after the Doomhouse-NPO War without an OWF announcement. It was subsequently canceled without announcement on 9 April 2015.

Text of the Treaty[]


The Phoenix Federation (hereafter TPF) and the New Pacific Order (hereafter NPO) are confirming the close friendship and mutual respect we have in each other by the signing of this treaty. We will attack upon request, defend without question, aid without pause and stand by each other through thick and thin.

ARTICLE I - Non-Aggression[]

The NPO and TPF are obligated to desist from any act of violence, aggressive action, and/or any attack on each other individually or jointly with other powers.

ARTICLE II - Intel[]

The NPO and TPF, will not spai on each other and will let each other know if anyone has hostile intentions on the other.

ARTICLE III - Defense[]

TPF and NPO recognize that should an armed attack on either party’s nations and/or territories under administrative authority, at the time of the attack, is dangerous to the peace of both alliances. The assisting party will act to meet the common danger in accordance to its charter/constitutional process. Said parties should maintain open communication with one another to decide the best suitable action to take when the defense of one of the parties is in dire need of assistance.

ARTICLE IV - Aggression[]

Whenever any nation, alliance, or union of alliances poses a clear and present danger to the signatories of this pact and is designated a threat by leadership of the signatories, all members of the signatory alliances—unless bound by treaty to non-aggression or neutrality—shall jointly respond. Such response shall only be sufficient to contain and eliminate the perceived threat and deter future threats.

ARTICLE V - Cancellation[]

Should either of the undersigned alliances wish to withdraw from this pact notice of their intent to cancel must be provided in private 30 days prior to the cancellation, during which time all provisions of this document will remain in effect.


Signed 05/19/2010

For The New Pacific Order:

Emperor Blackbird
New Pacific Order
Comrade Chuckles

Mary the Fantabulous Imperial Regent
Reformed Neutral Menace

Imperial Officer of Foreign Affair

For The Phoenix Federation:

The Crimson King - Evil Overlord, Peddler of Death
Desperado - High Magistrate
mhawk - Minister of Complacency
Beernuts - Ember
Great Lakes Union - Ember
JBone - Ember
chaz9055 - Minister of Foreign Affairs
auto98 - TPF resident Def Leppard fanatic