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Department of the New Pacific Order
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Imperial Officers
Chief of Recruitment
Deputy Chief of Recruitment
Recruitment of new NPO cadets.

While the NPO has had versions of the RC in the past, the current Recruiting Department emerged in its modern form in April 2007 as a project started by TrotskysRevenge and Sir Donald R. Deamon.

The ultimate goal of the RC is simple: to bring in new members on a daily basis. The day-to-day duties of the Recruiters Corps are to contact new CN players and to persuade them to join the NPO. Recruiters also message established players who have been on Planet Bob for a while but who remain unaligned. Recruiters work to try and convince nations why the NPO is the right place to call home.

The Recruiters Corps has set records on Planet Bob for recruiting, and the RC plans to continue their record-breaking feats while always envisioning the achievement of building the largest and most powerful alliance in the world and to continually show growth. During the NPO's reparations following the aftermath of the Karma War, the RC played an integral role in minimizing the loss of members.

On November 17, 2016 the Recruitment Corps was merged with the Praetorian Guard by the order of Emperor Lord of Darkness and ceased to exist as an independent department.


Following the incorporation of the Recruitment Corps into a new super Internal Affairs department, they were initially overseen by a Commissar. However the new structure was not deemed a complete success, so specialised positions were reintroduced into its new and current form.

Rank Image Duties
Chief of Recruitment Iachiefofrecruitment Responsible for overseeing the Recruitment Corps as a whole and is tasked with handling policy and staff.
Deputy Chief of Recruitment Iadeputychiefofrecruitment Oversees the day-to-day activities of the Recruitment Corps and ensure all tasks are done in a quick and efficient manner.
Recruiter Iarecruiter The backbone of the Recruitment Corps, they are responsible for the work that gets carried out. They tirelessly send messages to new and old nations to help increase the size of the Order.


Past Chiefs of RecruitmentEdit

After 5 February, 2014 the Recruiting Corps was overseen by the Commissars of Internal Affairs following a merger with other Internal Affairs departments. On 21 June, 2014 the title of Chief of Recruitment was brought back.

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