Rebels of the North Protectorate Agreement

Flag of Valhalla
Rebels of the North

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: 29, January 2012
Treaty Status: Active

Text of the Treaty Edit


In the interest of friendship, protection, and guidance Valhalla and Rebels of the North (hereby known as ROTN) agree to the following protectorate agreement.

I. SovereigntyEdit

Valhalla and ROTN recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances.

II. Peace and RespectEdit

Valhalla and ROTN will coexist in a state of peace. Neither alliance will attack the other militarily or verbally. All alliances will remain respectful towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled via private discussion.

III. Protection and DefenseEdit

An attack on ROTN will be considered an attack on Valhalla. Valhalla will attempt to resolve such an issue on the behalf of ROTN through diplomatic means before force is ever used. While not required, ROTN may come to the defense of Valhalla at their choosing if the need for mutual defense is ever requested.

IV. Aid and ProgressEdit

Valhalla will aid ROTN when able to help them grow as an alliance. Valhalla also assumes the responsibility for the success and growth of ROTN and will offer all the assistance and guidance that it can provide.

V. Aggression and Treaty SigningEdit

ROTN agrees to alert Valhalla if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance within 48 hours of doing so. ROTN will never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with Valhalla leadership. ROTN will also get approval from Valhalla before signing any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them.

VI. DisbandmentEdit

In the sad event that ROTN decides it can no longer function as an alliance, ROTN agrees to contact Valhalla leadership, within 24 hours to discuss other options. Valhalla agrees to do everything they can to help ROTN avoid such a fate.

VII. Cancellation and Possible UpgradeEdit

Both parties agree to give each other 72 hour notice before canceling this treaty. Should ROTN feel they have outgrown the need for protection and assistance from Valhalla, the parties will discuss a possible upgrade to a MDP

Signed on this day the 29th of January of the year 2012


Signed for Valhalla:Edit

Tronix - Regent
Levistus - Vice Regent
Bud - Marshal
Jesper - Security Consul
Keshav - Emissary
ChairmanHal - Chancellor
Gambona - Vanir

Signed for Rebels of the North:Edit

King Dis0rd3r

Resigned by Asgaard:Edit

Lonewolfe2015, Tyr of Asgaard
gambona, Loki of Asgaard
Mustakrakish II, Magni of Asgaard

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