Cyber Nations Wiki
Joined CN: 6/30/2009
Nation: Kramerica
Current Alliance: Mostly Harmless Alliance
Current Positions: Mostly Harmless Alliance:
  • Secretary of Member Services
Alliance History: MHA: 7/4/2009 - Present
Previous Positions: Mostly Harmless Alliance:
  • Minister of Hitchhikers
  • Acting Minister of Hitchhikers
  • Deputy Minister of Hitchhikers
  • Secretary of Hunting
  • Hunter

Founder of Kramerica[]

rblount27 founded the nation of Kramerica on 6/30/2009 at 3:05:49 PM. The nation of Kramerica's resources are furs and spices. The capital of Kramerica is Kramerica City. rblount27 joined the mostly harmless alliance on 7/4/2009 at 12:20:20 PM, roughly four days after founding Kramerica.


Ghost Hunter[]

rblount27 was a primary worker on the newly revamped ghost busting project, busting and recruiting hundreds of ghosts. He was so good at the job that he was appointed as Secretary of Hunting [Ghosts]. From there he continued to work on and improve the program.

Deputy Minister of Hitchhikers[]

Upon Pourquoi's appointment as acting Triumvir, Denisov became Minister of Hitchhikers (Members). Denisov then appointed rblount27 as Deputy Minister of Hitchhikers.

Minister of Hitchhikers[]

Upon Denisov's resignation as Minister of Hitchhikers, Rblount27 became MHA's Minister of Hitchhikers. In December 2009 Rblount27 resigned as Minister of Hitchhikers after serving for roughly two and a half months. During Rblount27's time as Minister of Hitchhikers, he helped to revise the academy quiz and increase the workings of the Job Center.

Secretary of Member Services[]

After announcing his resignation as Minister of Hitchhikers (Members), he decided to take up the vacant post in his old Ministry as Secretary of Member Services. As Secretary of Member Services, he has helped to revive the Mentors and Mentors Plus programs.


Though Rblount27 has a few awards, his most notable one is the Ministry of Hitchhiker's Award of excellence, presented to him by Denisov while Rblount27 was still Deputy Minister of Hitchhikers.