Kindred Nation
Origin of the Order

Origin of the Order
"Malo mori quam foedari"
Established 12/19/2010
(3,729 days old)
Ruler Rayvon
Alliance New Sith Order
New Sith Order
AllianceStats.gifIcon rankings.pngWorld.pngIcon war.pngIcon aid.pngIcon spy.png
Since 12/19/2010 (3,729 days)
Nation Team Team: White (since 2/21/2012) White
Statistics as of 04/20/2013 11:00:00
Total casualties 819,185
 192,888 attacking
 626,297 defending
Infrastructure 2,999.99
Technology 997
Nation Strength 15,736.223
Total Area 997.753 Nation Map

In office
November 8, 2011 – July 30, 2014
Preceded by youwish959
Succeeded by KirstenMichelle

Kindred Nation

Rayvon is the ruler of Kindred Nation; former Chancellor of Oasis, former Lord of Viridian Entente, former Triumvirate of Ordo Verde, founder and former Quadrumvir of Symphony. The Kindred Nation currently resides in the New Sith Order where Rayvon is Emperor incumbent.

History[edit | edit source]

Kindred Nation was first founded October 26, 2006 on the Black sphere where it sat unaligned for the first week of existence. Several days later, an invite from Silent Spitfire led our way to the halls of OASIS where the Kindred quickly rose to leadership status seeing Rayvon placed as the second Chancellor of Oasis behind its founder Balthazaar Badger (shortly thereafter, to abolish the central head and place a leading council known as 'The Alumni Council'). Unrest, indifference and a desire to explore; we soon found ourselves in search of a new home [1].

Shortly hereafter, in February 2007, Rayvon found his way to the Viridian Entente, a group whom he came to learn of and work with through various foreign gaffes and incidences at Oasis. Quickly welcomed, Lord Egore soon appointed Rayvon to the position of Minister of Finance with a seat on Parliament. Tenure of this position was relatively quiet, serving the Entente through to disbandment [2].

With the Viridian Entente disbanded, the Kindred in search of a new home followed an other-worldly friend to The Darwin Alliance for a brief tenure. Departing as their merger into -AiD- began, to join former Viridian government members at Royal Dominion

.. To be continued ..

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Alliance history[edit | edit source]

War history[edit | edit source]

Medals and Awards[edit | edit source]

Medal/Award Alliance Description
VEGW3Strip.png Viridian Entente (1st) Great War III
VEGCWStrip.jpg Viridian Entente (1st) Green Civil War
VEGW4Strip.jpg Viridian Entente (2nd) The Unjust War
Dominus Emeritus.png Viridian Entente (2nd) Viridian Entente Dominus Emeritus
Medal of Leadership.png Viridian Entente Viridian Entente Medal of Leadership
Viridian Cross.png Viridian Entente Viridian Entente Viridian Cross
Ve ribbon 5.png Viridian Entente Viridian Entente Medal of Nuclear Fortitude
TIOMedal-diplomat.svg New Sith Order Brother From Another Mother diplomat award from The Imperial Order (link)
Ribbon.gif New Sith Order Six Million Dollar War
GOONS3.gif New Sith Order PB-NpO War
LegionWarRibbon02.png New Sith Order Legion-Tetris War
NSO Kaskus.png New Sith Order Kaskus-NSO War
10nsoservice.png New Sith Order New Sith Order Medal of Service
Nukemedal.jpg New Sith Order New Sith Order Nuclear Fortitude

Propaganda[edit | edit source]

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