This is a list of all the Black Peace Initiative's member alliances, and their signatures of approval of this BLOC.

The signatures are placed in the order of ratification, according to the bloc forums.

Current members[edit | edit source]

For the Federation of Independent Sovereign Territories[edit | edit source]

  • Starcraftmazter, Marshal
  • MemoryLenin, General
  • Daggarz, Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the Darkfall Alliance[edit | edit source]

  • Daikos, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Viluin, Minister of War
  • Yeungling.OoB, Minister of Domestic Affairs

For the Socialist Empire[edit | edit source]

  • Stalin Trotsky, Diplomatic Commissar
  • Baron Terror, Peoples Commissar

For The Shadow Confederacy[edit | edit source]

  • E.Grievous,Emperor
  • Omniscient1. GMoFA
  • Falcon. Supreme Commander

For the House of Lords[edit | edit source]

Hol great seal.jpg

Previous Members[edit | edit source]

For the Black Peace Society[edit | edit source]

  • Angryraccoon, King
  • BMAC, Kings Advisor
  • theJ00, Head of Defence
  • Ezko, Head of Commerce

(Merged into Black Defense Council)

For the Dark Nation Federation[edit | edit source]

  • TimLee, Supreme Chancellor
  • Daver, Chancellor
  • Sauronis, Prime Minister
  • The Immortal Panic, Defense Director
  • Hide, Finance Director

(Reformed as The Dark Order)

For the Black Defense Council[edit | edit source]

  • C4talyst, President
  • Zzzptm, Minister President of State
  • AngryRaccoon, President of the Privy Council

  • Terminal, Secretary of State
  • thej00, Secretary of Defense
  • BLTow, Secretary of Commerce

  • Sweetness Land, Asst. Secretary of State
  • kinghomer, Asst. Secretary of Commerce
  • Pmac627, Director of Education
  • Ezko, Asst. Secretary of Education
  • Kaiser Martens, Secretary-at-Large


  • Evey Jane
  • Beef Supreme
  • Ezko


For the Dark Order[edit | edit source]

  • TimLee, Defender of Darkness
  • Sauronis, Director of Trade and Finance
  • Tashan Director of Foreign Affairs


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