Merge sign Merge notice (Tournament Edition)
This alliance merged with the Army of Darkness, Fark, R&R,
and the Sovereign Mongers of Uber Greatness to form the SuperFriends.

Merger occurred during 12 on/around June 20, 2010
More info is available here.

Random Insanity Alliance
Tournament Edition alliance
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RIA:TE Official Flag

Active in Round(s): 7—11
Team Color Maroon
Founder(s) Delta1212
Founded August 25, 2009

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 08/30/09

Total Nations 12
Active Nations 7
Percent Active 58%
Strength 12,904
Avg. Strength 1,075
Nukes 0
Score 1.99

The Random Insanity Alliance (Tournament Edition) (RIA:TE) was founded during Round 7 of Tournament Edition by Delta1212. It is the most recent official RIA presence in Tournament Edition since the Order of Random Insanity in Rounds 4 and 5. While it was never a particularly large alliance it consistently survived throughout TE rounds 7 through 11. In Round 12 it merged with the Army of Darkness, Fark, R&R, and the Sovereign Mongers of Uber Greatness to create a new SuperFriends alliance.

Member NationsEdit

Ruler (Date of joining RIA:TE) (Team)

Round 7 Original Member NationsEdit

  • United States Sulli019 of American Ireland (8/25/2009) (Maroon)
  • Kazakhstan Undiscovered of Bumfunk (8/25/2009) (Maroon)
  • Placeholder Flag Myrrh of Myrrh (8/25/2009) (Maroon)
  • Placeholder Flag Thunder Strike of Storm Heaven (8/25/2009) (Maroon)
  • FlagRose skulryk of Molbrew (8/26/2009) (Maroon)
  • Placeholder Flag triviuum of Boneaho (8/26/2009) (Maroon)
  • Placeholder Flag Commadore Viper6525D of New Dewford Republic (8/26/2009) (Blue)
  • Somaliland james dahl of Ogaden (8/26/2009) (Maroon)
  • Placeholder Flag Jenne of San Angeles (8/26/2009) (Maroon)
  • Fan Huntzman of olawd (8/28/2009) (Yellow)
  • Custom27 DivineLight of The Chicken Islands (8/28/2009) (Orange)
  • Placeholder Flag Arsenal 10 of Goonville (8/29/2009) (Maroon)
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