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Flags of the Random Insanity Alliance
"We're no strangers to love. You
know the rules, and so do I."
General Information
Team Color Maroon
Founded July 23/24, 2006
Founder Shyox
Maroon Team Senators Big_Z (GOD)
Chuck Normis (CRAP)
IRC #RIA on Coldfront
Lord Cactuar
Floridian Council
Gigantuar (IA) Leo
Funktuar (FA) Mogar
Cactimus Prime (Mil) dester55
52nd Captain Planet
International Relations
Treaty Overview









Protected AAs
AllianceStatsStats last Updated:July 13, 2013
Members Total: 78
Active: 59
Nation Strength Total: 2,539,313
Average: 31,350
Score 10.88
Nation Stat Totals Total Infra: 405,028
Total Land: 70,647
Total Tech: 169,930
Military Soldiers: 1,212,467
Tanks: 8,462
Aircraft: 2,061
Navy Ships: 664
Cruise Missiles: 121
Nukes: 920

The Random Insanity Alliance—commonly referred to as the RIA and less often the RI Alliance—is a formerly sanctioned Maroon team alliance that was founded on July 23/24, 2006 by a group of individuals from the Random Insanity (RI) message board on GameFAQs. Since their founding the alliance has grown greatly and at one point was one of the twelve sanctioned alliances on Planet Bob with over 200 members and over 6,000,000 Nation Strength.

The Legend of RIAEdit

A young man was reading topics on Random Insanity, of After reading and posting in 13 topics, That young man proceeded to read a topic, number 29483920, entitled "RI, let us conquer LUE."

He entered topic 29483920 and began to read. Before his very eyes, of which there are 2, and of a lighter shade of blue during the summer months, a revolution was born. They were of a revolution (not the band, we were just the product of a revolution).

In the beginning, the Invisionfree forum was a very socially active place. There were forums for discussion of the Alliance, discussion of Randomly Insane topics, and various specified things for events such as wars, international affairs, trade, foreign aid, in-game issues, rogues, and debates unrelated to Then they died,teh end.




For more information see: ConstRItution of the Random Insanity Alliance

The ConstRItution is the basic set of rules and laws of the Random Insanity Alliance. It can also be referred to as a charter or a constitution. The first ConstRItution was used until around January 2007 and the Second was used until the end of November 2007. The first two ConstRItutions established an elected Cabinet of five positions, the Leader, Co-Leader, War Adviser, Head of Foreign Affairs, and the Economic Adviser. These positions were elected each month staring in September 2006 and ending November 2007. During the Ninth Cabinet of the RIA two new positions were amended to the ConstRItution, the Head of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Propaganda. However, two months later with another amendment the Minister of Propaganda was removed and the Head of Interal Affairs was made into a non-Cabinet elected position. Another non-Cabinet position that has been elected since the Ninth Cabinet is the position of Captain Planet. The Third and current ConstRItution came into power in December 2007 and outlined the government with a Triumvirate and a Cabinet consisting of the Head of Foreign Affairs, the Head of Military Operations, the Head of Economics, and the Head of Recruitment. Two additional secretariat positions also existed, the Secretary/Head of Ghostbusting and the Secretary/Head of Internal Affairs. In the Twentieth Cabinet two amendments were passed, one of which made the Head of Internal Affairs position part of the Cabinet and the second of which removed the Head of Ghostbusting position. These cabinet positions were originally elected each month starting in November 2007 but now are elected every two months due to changes from an amendment. The Triumvirs serve for a period of six months before being put up for re-election, with one seat being up for election during every 2 month cabinet election. A military charter which defines the structure and roles within the military was created in 2010 and amended as an official supplement to the ConstRItution.


For more information: Government of the Random Insanity Alliance


Government Timeline
First & Second ConstRItution

Third ConstRItution

General Timeline Notes

Current Positions

  • HoFA = Head of Foreign Affairs
  • HoMo = Head of Military Operations
  • HoE = Head of Economics
  • HoIA = Head of Internal Affairs
  • CP = Captain Planet

Defunct Positions

  • GB = Head of Ghostbusting


  • Shadow = ShadowDragon
  • Lanna = Psychotic Dictator

Foreign relationsEdit


For more information see: Treaties of the Random Insanity Alliance



RIA Prisoner of War camps

Mergers / SplintersEdit



Tales of Random InsanityEdit

For more information see: History of the Random Insanity Alliance and Random Insanity Alliance Archive


For more information see: Growth of the Random Insanity Alliance

Date Event Topic
July 24, 2006 The RIA is founded and surpasses 0 Nation Strength
July 24, 2007 The RIA became 1 year old. [1]
July 25, 2007 RIA reaches 200 members
May 1, 2007 RIA reaches 600,000 nation strength [2]
May 27, 2007 RIA reaches 700,000 nation strength [3]
June 27, 2007 RIA reaches 1,000,000 nation strength [4]
July 2, 2007 RIA reaches 6,000 average nation strength [5]
October 4, 2007 RIA reaches 2,000,000 nation strength [6]
October 16, 2007 RIA reaches 300 members, 2,400,000 NS, and an alliance score of over 11. [7]
October 30, 2007 RIA reaches 325 members, 2,600,000 NS, 8,000 average NS, score of 12
November 1, 2007 admin changes the tech formula, RIA drops to 2,150,000
November 15, 2007 RIA maxes at around 389 members
February 13, 2008 RIA reaches 10,000 average nation strength
April 6, 2008 RIA reaches 3,000,000 NS [8]
Mid April 2008 admin changes nations strength formula, RIA drops to around 2,700,000
June 16, 2008 RIA re-reaches 3,000,000 nation strength
October 10, 2008 RIA re-re-reaches 3,000,000 nation strength
November 18, 2008 RIA reaches 20,000 average nation strength [9]
January 22, 2009 RIA reaches 14 score
April 20, 2009 RIA reaches 15 score
April 21, 2009 RIA reaches 4,000,000 nation strength and 1,000 nukes
August 8, 2009 RIA re-reaches 200 members
August 29, 2009 RIA re-reaches 1,000 nukes
September 17, 2009 RIA re-reaches 4,000,000 nation strength
December 21, 2009 RIA reaches 5,000,000 nation strength [10]
February 21, 2011 RIA becomes sanctioned [11]

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