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Ragnarok - Aqua Defense Initiative MDoAP

Aqua Defense Initiative
Flag of ADI

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 30/10/2009
Treaty Inactive: 28/12/2009
Treaty Status: Inactive

The Ragnarok - Aqua Defense Initiative MDoAP was a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact between the Aqua Defense Initiative and Ragnarok. It was announced on October 30, 2009. The treaty marked the Aqua Defense Initiative's graduation from the Ragnablok. It was cancelled on December 28, 2009, during the TPF War.

Text of the Treaty[]


There comes a time in the relationship between any guardian and their charge when the protected must be set free to experience the full dangers and delights of the greater world, and to learn from their mistakes on their own. And so that time has come for Ragnarok to no longer hold ADI's hand to assure them that all is safe. ADI will now embark on their own, determined to achieve more than those that came before them.

Mutual Love[]

Ragnarok and ADI agree to not fight amongst themselves. Members of each alliance will remember to treat each other like family, refrain from bickering in public. Each side will continue to share knowledge gained, in the hopes of alerting the other of upcoming dangers.

Continued Support[]

Both Ragnarok and ADI/AzN agree to offer each other financial, economic, diplomatic, and military aid as they feel necessary.

Fisticuffs Are Likely[]

Any outside party attacks Ragnarok or ADI, and it will be considered as an attack on the other. Each alliance should be ready have the other's back within 48 hours.

Family Togetherness[]

If either Ragnarok or ADI wants to go bust some heads, and the other likes the idea, they may also join. They can, but they don't have to.


Should either party wish to annul this agreement, they must file notice 72 hour before making a public announcement.

Signed for Ragnarok

Signed for the Aqua Defense Initiative

  • John Warbuck, Lord High Sentinel
  • Yuurei, Lord of Foreign Affairs
  • Magister Populi, Lord of Internal Affairs
  • JDorian, Lord of Finance
  • Kingly, Lord of Defense