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Raduzhnyy, sometimes romanised Raduzhny (Finn. Raadaus, Russ. Радужный) is a small Uralican city in Yugra county, located at the junction of highways UH-36 and UH-36A. Its original name means "rainbow-coloured," although the Finnish name, adapted to be as close to the original as possible, is a term used in Uralica to mean "hard labour," except in the positive sense that people give blood, sweat, and tears to better themselves and the city. (The negative word would be "orjuus" or "aheruus")

Much like many major centres in Yugra, Raduzhnyy was founded as an oil town, but when the oil ran out, the town began to shrink quite rapidly. The revitalising factor was a large mass of iron that was found nearby after much geological searching, and now ferrous metallurgy and the refinery of foreign oil are the two largest sectors in the city's economy.


Although it is in Yugra, the traditional homeland of the Khanty and Mansi, and the theorised Urheimat of the Hungarians, there are actually very few of any of these three in Raduzhnyy. However, it is also the most Finnish city on the east side of the Urals, with 40% of the population being Finnish. 56% of the population is Russian.

In terms of language, though, the average Raduzhny citizen speaks 4 languages, with 100% speaking both Finnish and Russian, and a very high percentage also speaking Khanty, Hungarian, and/or English.

Since Raduzhnyy is a very recently-founded settlement, having only become a town in 1985, it lacks many of the historical "tourist traps" of many Uralican cities, but it makes up for these with strong municipal cultural programs, especially where children are concerned. The Raduzhnyy Children's Art Museum, Raduzhnyy Youth Symphony Hall, and Raduzhnyy Youth Theatre are all places where the best and brightest of the city's youth can display their work. Not surprisingly, there is also the Raduzhnyy Combine School of Fine Arts, which has visual arts, drama, and music programs for children and adults alike.


Football (soccer)[]


  • FK Raduzhnyy

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Raadauden Palloseura
  • Raadauden JK
  • Finnsky Klub Raduzhnyy
  • Atlantis Raadaus
  • Spartak Raduzhnyy
  • Dinamo Raduzhnyy
  • Promyshlennik Raduzhnyy
  • Metallurg Raduzhnyy
  • Mashinostroitel Raduzhnyy
  • Burevestnik Raduzhnyy
  • Progress Raduzhnyy
  • Khimik Raduzhnyy
  • Zheleznik Raduzhnyy
  • Transit Raduzhnyy

Ice Hockey[]

  • Raadauden Kärpät HK


  • Raadauden JPK


  • Raadauden KPK

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Agrnjegansky
  • Kozh-Ran-Pugol
  • Yarvesivusky (Finn. Järvensivu)