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Radio Germania
Radio germania
TypeRadio network
OwnerImperial Government of Großgermania
Launch date14 February 2008

Radio Germania (German: Germaniafunk; styled as GermaniaFUNK) is a German-language radio network broadcasting across Europe. Owned by the Imperial Government of Großgermania, it has its headquarters in Munich. It has two main stations, one domestic and one international. The domestic station is broadcast from München, and relayed through Nordhausen, Berlin, Stuttgart, Bremen, Straßburg, København, Vienna, and Königsberg. The international station, which is available across Europe, is broadcast from Kraków and relayed through Oslo, Paris, Madrid, Rome, and Budapest. Radio Germania is a commercial-free network, funded entirely by the Imperial Government of Großgermania.

Radio Germania was launched on 14 February 2008 by the Association of Germanic States, promoted as a method of further uniting the people of the member states. This was largely scoffed at by the general public, many of whom did not speak German and therefore were unable to understand to the station, which was (and is) broadcast in German. Despite this, the station gained extreme popularity across Germany, Austria, the Swiss Confederation, and Liechtenstein, soon becoming the largest talk radio station in all of those countries except for the Swiss Confederation. The international station was launched in January 2009.

The network broadcasts a variety of content. While both the domestic and international stations act as talk radio outlets, providing both news and non-news programming, there are differences between the stations. The domestic station broadcasts German-language music at night and on weekends, and news provided during the day is criticized by foreign sources for government bias and propaganda. The international station provides more neutral news coverage, and focuses little on domestic Großgermanian news. It also broadcasts foreign content, notably the English-language talk radio program Coast to Coast AM, broadcast out of the Republic of Texas.