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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of February 2, 2009 (Leader ceases to exist) / April 27, 2009 (Alliance ceases to exist).
RI Nation

Flag of RI Nation

General Information
Team Color Maroon
Founded November 5, 2008
Founder LloydSev
International Relations Protected by the
Random Insanity Alliance

RI Nation (RIN) was a micro-alliance founded by LloydSev on November 5, 2008. RI Nation started as a spin off of Random Insanity and the Random Insanity Alliance in another universe (CityEmpires) where it was originally known as just Random Insanity. After some time the group gained an identity of their own and their name eventually was changed to RI Nation. Their founder and leader LloydSev, who had been a member of the Random Insanity Alliance for some time, eventually decided to leave the RIA on Planet Bob and create RI Nation. The alliance on Planet Bob remained relatively small during it's existance, having only a maximum member count of around four nations and 50,000 nation strength until January 14, 2008 when they dropped below it. On January 16, 2008 they lost one of their largest nations and fell from 47,779 NS to 19,854 NS. Only two nations, Buckeye ruled by LloydSev and OrganizationofZodiac ruled by Zechs Merquise (also a former member of the RIA), remain in the alliance. As of February 2, 2009 LloydSev and his nation ceased to exist leaving only a single member left within RI Nation. The final nation of RI Nation eventually left and re-joined the Random Insanity Alliance on April 27, 2009.

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History of RI Nation in CityEmpires

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