"Ya Ali Madad!"
National Anthem
"None Officially Selected"
Capital City Kumail
Official Language(s) English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu
Established 08th December 2008
(4,095 days old)
Ruler Shah Syed
Alliance JAMA
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Pink team Pink
Statistics as of February 08th, 2009
Total population 2,907
 2,107 civilians
 800 (994) soldiers
Infrastructure 251
Technology 50.99
Nation Strength 1,362.018
Nation Rank 20,286 of 5,242 (386.99%)
Total Area 395.677 Earth icon
Native Resources Uranium, Lumber

RIRUS, is a Federal Islamic Republic based on the principles of the school of thought of Imam Jaffar as-Sadiq. RIRUS derives its system of governance and policy from the Quran, narrations of Prophet Muhammad and traditions of the AhlulBayt. The intended capital of RIRUS is the city of Kufa, the former capital of the Islamic Empire under the caliphate of Imam Ali. Untill the conquerence of Kufa, the seat of governance remains the city of Kumail.

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