First Phase: Part of the Second Great War
Second Phase: Part of the Bipolar War
Date: First Phase:
January 12 — January 19, 2007
Jan.19, 2007 — Jan. 29, 2010
Second Phase:
January 29 — February 4, 2010
Result: First Phase:
Second Phase:
RIA Unconditionally surrenders
RIA becomes RIA tech farm
cctmsp13 appointed Viceroy

Random Insanity Alliance

Random Insanity Alliance

The RIA-RIA War started during the Second Great War when the Random Insanity Alliance declared war upon the Random Insanity Alliance. A long ceasefire started on January 19, 2007 and lasted until January 29, 2010 at which time the Random Insnaity Alliance broke the ceasefire and attacked the Random Insanity Alliance once again. This second phase of the war lasted until February 4, 2010 when the Random Insanity Alliance finally announced its uncondictioanlly surrender to the Random Insanity Alliance and the appointment of cctmsp13 as Viceroy of the Random Insanity Alliance.

Declaration of WarEdit

Over the past few weeks, events have divided our alliance. One faction wishes to take the alliance's mandate for insanity more seriously, while another wishes to remain serious in the politiacal arena of the world. Fierce debating ripped through the alliance broken only by the occasinal assault with a piano. When the current war flared into existence, the debate took on a more centralized focus. The pro-insanity faction began clamoring for entry into the war. At the same time, the opposition realized the insanity of such an undertaking and moved to prevent it. Because the only people who have actual positions in the government are the serious ones, this was a fairly easy task.

Unfortunately, the pressure for war has increased dramatically over the last few minutes. The forces of insanity are tearing through the alliance and ripping it apart in their search for a fight. No stone was left unturned and no hole unprobed in the quest for release from the bonds of intelligence and restraint. Upon this day, the floodgates are open and the hoard is pooring forth. The Random Insanity Alliance is known as the RIA. Today, this river is flowing into the sea of battle. The RIA hereby declares war upon itself.

Death to the RIA! Long live the RIA! Viva la RIvolution!
Random Insanity Alliance


Over the past week a terrible war has raged across the surface of Planet Bob, shaking its very foundation. This conflict has gone on with no end in sight, until now. Finally, both sides have found common ground and a temporary ceasefire is in place. For the time being, the RIA is at peace with itself.* This change was brought about by a plea from a small alliance, a cry for help. Normally, the RIA wouldn't care, but in this case the similarity between our acronyms was enough to temporarily unite the alliance. The RIA is laying down its arms** until such a time as the RRA are freed from the oppression of whichever alliance it is they are fighting.

For the RIA! For the...uh, oh right, RRA! Viva la RIvolution!

*Obviously, I was refering to our civil war. What else could I have meant, silly?
**So that we might pick up larger ones that don't shoot blanks

Azural, Leader
Delta1212, War Advisor

crazyisraelie, Economic Advisor
Random Insanity Alliance

Resumption of HostilitiesEdit

In a shocking move the RIA spontaneously resumed hostilities against the RIA on January 29, 2010 when they entered the Bipolar War. In this conflict they declared upon RIA alongside declaring on Hydra, Quantum, and the United Purple Nations with the latter three leaving the war a day or so later.

Oopsie, we're going to war!

hai UPN, RIA, Hydra, and Quantum

Random Insanity Alliance

Unconditional SurrenderEdit

After nearly a week of bloodless conflict the RIA finally announced it's unconditional surrender to the RIA on February 4, 2010. Due to this the RIA appointed cctmsp13 to be Viceroy of the RIA. In his first act as Viceroy he immediately declared war upon The Order of Light in order to avoid veterans affairs costs but throwing the veterans into another war.

The RIA hereby surrenders to RIA and agrees to become a tech farm for RIA for an indefinite period of time, to be overseen by cctmsp13. cctmsp13 now holds the title of the Viceroy of the Random Insanity Alliance.

As his first act as Viceroy.

- in order to avoid veterans affairs costs, we have decided to instead hurl our war veterans into war with the Order of Light since we ended up with so many war veterans thanks to the prolonged-yet-bloodless RIA-RIA war.
Random Insanity Alliance

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