RIA-Echelon War
Part of the Karma War
Date April 22 — July 5, 2009
Casus belli Echelon declared war on R&R and RoK
Result Echelon surrenders
Succeeded by
Random Insanity Alliance

Other Alliances:

4,037,404 Nation Strength
181 Nations
1,007 Nukes
731,326 infra
149,479 tech
15.48 score
5,241,829 Nation Strength
128 Nations
1,120 Nukes
913,675 infra
236,823 tech
18.90 score

The RIA-Echelon War was a front of the Karma War. It started on April 22, 2009 when the Random Insanity Alliance declared war upon Echelon for declaring war on the SuperFriends, Ragnarok and R&R. The RIA was joined that night by fellow SuperFriend Monos Archein and the Dark Evolution against Echelon. In the same night Echelon attacked another fellow SuperFriend, the Global Order of Darkness along with Aurora Borealis. The following day the Rubber Ducky Division responded by declaring war upon the Random Insanity Alliance. Echelon eventually surrendered on July 5, 2009 with the terms presented to them by the coalition of alliances they were facing. The RIA, however, choose not to take reparations from Echelon. Echelon completed their reparations to the other alliances and announced their freedom from the terms on October 7, 2009.

RIA Declaration of WarEdit

Synopsis: In this spell-binding conlusion to the series, the daring RIA takes makes a last stand against the forces of Echelon following their attack on the Hall of justice and SuperFriends, Ragnarok and R&R.

What the Critics say:

"Riveting.." (This Week in Pacifica)

"A spell-binding masterpiece" (The Tattler)

"Whatever" (Trashcat Corner)

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