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R&R Official Flag

R&R War Flag
R&R Motto: The Few. The Proud. The Ampersand.
Team Color Orange team Orange
Founder(s) Commander Canuck

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 25, 2012

Total Nations 208
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 26,039
Nukes 1,499
Aid Efficiency 455 / 1,075 (42.33%)
Rank 17
Score 22.94
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The R&R Alliance is a sanctioned alliance that was established on the 13th of November, 2006. A week removed from their creation, the R&R grew past 20 members, drawing its support from their original America's Army forums, soon eclipsing 40 members. By the start of the Second Great War, the alliance's growth seemed to fall from grace, its enrollment rate dropping dramatically. However, R&R quickly recovered from the brief respite and soon passed the ever-elusive and sought-after goal of 50 members. Now they currently hold strong with over 270 members. They have surpassed the 4 million NS mark, the 5 million NS mark, and the 6 million NS mark.

R&R vs. RnR

The & is available in the hearts and minds of all R&Rers.

The official name of the alliance is R&R. However, when technical limitations prevent the use of the "&" symbol, a lowercase "n" is substituted. Some examples where RnR appears are:

  • The alliance affiliation box
  • The forums of the R&R Alliance
  • The R&R IRC channel on coldfront

Charter of The R&R Alliance

Main article: Charter of R&R

We, the nations of The R&R Alliance come together with bonds of friendship and trust to pledge that we will help each other economically and that we will defend each other from all enemies both foreign and domestic that would seek to harm us. We, The Government of The R&R Alliance shall at all times treat all peoples, both foreign and domestic, with respect; and that we shall lead the alliance to the best of our ability, always doing what is best for the alliance. We, the Membership of The R&R Alliance shall at all times treat all persons, both foreign and domestics, that enter this great establishment with respect; and that we shall at all times treat The Government with respect; we shall let The Government know of any disagreement we may have, but we understand that they may disagree and state their case with respect;and that we shall do what is best for the Alliance in all things, including aid and war.

Current Government

Department of the Interior

The Interior Department of the R&R is responsible for managing and overseeing the internal affairs of the alliance. The Interior consists of the Alliance Information division, the Academy Program, the Press Corps, the Recruitment Division, and the Audit Team. It is lead by the Directors of each Division and the Minister of the Interior and his or her Deputies.

Department of Foreign Affairs

The State department of the R&R maintains relations with other alliances, and consists of the Diplomatic Corps and the Foreign Affairs Team. It is led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his or her deputies, along with the Foreign Affairs Team.

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense maintains the war readiness of the R&R and handles the organization of the various Companies. It is led by the Company Commanders and the General of R&Rmy and his or her deputies.

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is in charge of regulating the flow of aid and tech in the alliance, as well as managing trade circles. The Economics Department consists of three Divisions, the Tech Division, the Trade Division and the Aid Division. It is led by the Directors of each Division and the Minister of Economics and his or her deputies.

Foreign Relations & Treaties

Treaties Held by R&R
Date Treaty Link Type Flag Treaty Partner(s) Status
08/31/2013 The Plan B Accords MDAP
NATO Active
12/22/2010 R&R/Fark Nutritional Information ODP
Fark Active
05/17/2012 We're not so different, you and I MDoAP
NATO Upgraded
07/20/2013 The Green Lantern / Wonder Twins Adventures ODP
RIA Active
03/17/2014 The Citrus Express 2.0 MDoAP
Flag of ODN
ODN Active
07/02/2014 Crappin' &round ODP
Flag of CRAP
CRAP Active
06/25/2008 Maroon and Orange Look Ugly Together Accords MDP
Flag of the Global Order of Darkness
GOD Inactive
11/12/2014 A declaration of love MDoAP
NPO Active
09/29/2014 Announcement from Saoirse Protectorate Saoirse Inactive
11/12/2014 Orange Unity Treaty FTA
IRONflagFlag of GLOF
Rnrflag6Flag of ODN
01/21/2016 Lines Being Drawn and Whatnot MDoAP
Flag of NG
NG Active
11/27/2015 Let's NOT Talk About Football ODP
Nadc newflag2
NADC Upgraded
01/05/2016 Incense & Peppermints PIAT DK Inactive
03/28/2016 NADC Enjoys Some R&R MDoAP
Nadc newflag2
NADC Active

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