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Quickie War
Part of the Karma War
Date April 23, 2009 — May 6, 2009
Casus belli Treaties and military obligations from the greater Karma conflict.
Result White peace granted after STA coalition victory
*MLFLAG Molon Labe *Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance STA

The Quickie War was a sub conflict that was apart of the greater Karma War. The war was fought from late april to early may. The term is popularly used by the NpO that has not considered its self apart of the greater conflict as a Karma alliance. The conflict ended with ML and DOOM surrendering to STA, NpO, MK, and NSO in white peace. As part of the terms ML and DOOM could no longer fight in the greater Karma War. Some time after their victory the alliances of STA, NpO, & NSO would create a bloc known as Frostbite.

Declarations of War[]