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Pyt-Yakh (Finn. Putiaha) is a Uralican city, formed by the merger of two towns (Pyt-Yakh and Mamontovo) in 1990. It is the only major centre in Uralica that sits on Highway UH-29, although the stretch of road continues southwest and ends in the city of Tyumen'.

Like many cities in the region, the city grew based on the oil and gas industries, however with that having dropped off they had to turn to other resources. Domestic forestry and pulp-and-paper based on both domestic and imported trees are very important. There is also so much ore mined in Uralica that even though Pyt-Yakh is nowhere near any such ore, metallurgy still has some value. Industrial gases are also produced.


The city's name means "place of good people" in Khanty, however there were no Khants actually living in the city at the time of the last census. Ethnic Russians and Hungarians make up the population.

Since it is such a young city, there are no real tourist traps within the city, however, the Khanty-language theatre is popular amongst people in the region.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Bumazhnik FK Pyt-Yakh

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Pyt-Yakh
  • Dinamo Pyt-Yakh
  • Spartak Pyt-Yakh
  • Gazovik Pyt-Yakh
  • Metallurg Pyt-Yakh
  • Obyugra Pyt-Yakh
  • Torpedo Pyt-Yakh
  • Zenit Pyt-Yakh
  • Progress Pyt-Yakh
  • Uralica Pyt-Yakh
  • MFK Pyt-Yakh


  • Bumazhnik RMS Pyt-Yakh


  • Pyt-Yakhskiy BK

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Mamontovo
  • Ochimkiny
  • Yuzhnyy Balyk