Purposive Sanity Alliance
"May our future be sane!"
General Information
Team Color Maroon
Founded February 25, 2010
Founder Meatkin Pie
Triumvirate Meatkin Pie
D: Georgia
Head of Economics Sciencesmiley
Head of Foreign Affairs Smileyfun
Head of Internal Affairs Spidersmiley
Head of Military Operations FlaskBear
Head of Recruitment Effort

The Purposive Sanity Alliance—commonly referred to as the PSA, Bizarro-RIA, and less often the PS Alliance—was a Maroon team alliance that was founded on February 25, 2010 by a group of individuals from bizarro-Planet Bob. Their invasion and attempted brainwashing of the RIA on Planet Bob failed and they ceased to exist on February 26, 2010.

Declaration of ExistenceEdit

Throughout the history of the Random Insanity Alliance there has been far too much insanity. It's almost like it's randomly coming out of random parts of the alliance. It's pretty random, and the few sane people left in the alliance were starting to turn. That's when Meatkin Pie, our amazing Captain Planet, decided enough was enough. He's gathered the few remaining godless souls under one banner. That banner stands for justice, for freedom, for pie and apple juice, but not at the same time! We are those the great Meatkin Pie has chosen, and we are the Purposive Sanity Alliance! Our alliance is about seriously enjoying this game. When we were in RIA, it was mandatory to giggle every time you bought 10 infra. We were forced to buy 9.99 infra instead, because we do not giggle about such seriousness. I mean, come on, we're talking about hundreds of people instantly teleporting into our nations, and this is completely serious. If we don't take it seriously, it won't be serious, seriously.

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