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This alliance merged to become part of Invicta.

Merger occurred on/around 15 August 2007

The Purple Alliance of WIN was a long-standing yet small alliance in the Purple Trading Sphere. It was founded as a monarchy centered around Lady Destra, queen of Euroslavia on 1 December 2006. PAW initially sought protection from The Legion, only to have their request ignored. In April, following a government shake-up, PAW agreed to a protection pact with the New Polar Order, which allowed Polaris recruitment and military officials to assist with the development of PAW.

In June, PAW agreed to a merger with Kaleidoscope. However, following the departure of Lady Destra and other government members at the time of the merger, the end result has since been termed a reverse merger. Upon the ascension of Kaleidoscope figures Atlashill, Richard Rahl and Vanshira to PAW's government, the charter was eventually revised to read like Kaleidoscope's charter.

PAW's membership numbers were small for its entire existence, rarely having more than 30 members at any one time. Efforts to counter this in July 2007 included an image campaign featuring witty banners based off salsa packets. When the prospects of mass defections from Legion as a result of the Legion-Valhalla War fizzled, Atlashill soon entered into merger talks with Dawny of Invicta, resulting in PAW merging into Invicta within two weeks.

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