Punaturjin (form. Krasnotur'insk, Russ. Краснотурьинск) is the second-largest settlement in East Uralica, Uralica, after Serov. It sits on the Turja River, a tributary of a tributary of the Tavda River, and it is named after it.

Every useful metal imaginable has been mined here over the course of Uralica's history, although nowadays it is primarily a source of iron, copper, and tin. Aluminum, gold, silver, and even coal has been found in the area, but mining in the area has made it a strain to keep the river clean. Metallurgy in general is a large employer, as is the manufacturing of industrial consumer-goods.

Culture Edit

Although largely a Russian city throughout its history, as the name implies, its population is now mainly Finnish. There are obviously still a large number of Russians in the city as well, plus there are also Permyak-speaking Komi and a small number of Mari and Udmurts.

This said, the city is rich in both Russian and Finnish culture. Many pre-Cataclysm tourist spots still remain, many of them churches. There are the Orthodox Temple of Saint Maxim and the Alexandr Nyevsky Chapel (one of Uralica's smallest churches), the Punaturjimen Luuterilainenkirkko, and Saint Pantalaeon's Monastery.

There are also several museums, including one of only two mineralogical museums in Uralica (the other is in Apatity), a museum dedicated to local folklore, and the house of Yevgraf Fyodorov, a noteworthy Russian mineralogist and mathematician. The Finnish Cultural Centre in downtown Punaturjin is often used for major events, and has a large number of Finnish-style works of art contained within it.

Sport Edit

Football (Soccer) Edit

Kolmonen Edit

  • Majak Punaturjin

Nelonen Edit

  • Punaturjimen Palloseura
  • UralMash Punaturjin

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Spartak Punaturjin
  • Dynamo Punaturjin
  • Torpedo Punaturjin
  • Metallurgit Punaturjin
  • Kaivosmiehet Punaturjin
  • Progress Punaturjin
  • Zenit Punaturjin
  • Luch Punaturjin
  • Fakel Punaturjin
  • Ural Punaturjin
  • Itäuralika Punaturjin
  • Atlantis Punaturjin
  • Allianssi Punaturjin

Ice Hockey Edit

  • Punaturjimen JKK

Handball Edit

  • Punaturjimen KPK (non-League)

Bandy Edit

  • Turya Bandyklub (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Volchanskiye Kazarmy
  • Zapadnyy (form. Квартал Сорок Второй, coll. "Block 42")
  • Mednyy
  • Yuzhnyy
  • Shakhta
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