Motto: "Diplomats talk softly, MoDF carries a big stick."
Joined CN: 3/28/2009
Nation: Falhill
Current Alliance: Mostly Harmless Alliance
Current Positions: MHA: Triumvir

DoW: Triumvir

Alliance History: MHA: 3/28/2009–Present
Previous Positions:


  • Fleet Lieutenant
  • Fleet Commander
  • Deputy Minister of War
  • Minister of War


  • Commandant

Founder of FalhillEdit

Pudge1975 created the nation of Falhill on 3/28/2009 at 8:25:59 AM. Less than two hours later, he joined the Mostly Harmless Alliance on 3/28/2009 at 9:33:06 AM. Falhill's resources are rubber and silver. Only 199 days after founding Falhill, Falhill bought its first Nuclear Weapon, which Pudge1975 named Sonny. Pudge1975 has also enjoy efficiencies in upwards to 200 because of his excellent nation building strategies.

Mostly Harmless AllianceEdit

Since Pudge1975 joined the Mostly Harmless Alliance he has contributed much to the alliance in both aid, ideas, and work. His primary efforts, however, have been in the War Department.


Pudge1975 has held a cornucopia of position within the Mostly Harmless Alliance and has contributed much to the alliance over the years.

Fleet CommanderEdit

Pudge1975 was for a time, a Fleet Commander within the Mostly Harmless Alliance. Pudge1975 was the Fleet Commander of MHA's First Fleet during the Karma War, when MHA fought IRON and claimed victory.

Deputy Minister of Destructor FleetsEdit

Pudge1975 was appointed the Deputy Minister of Destructor Fleets and Grand Admiral of the MHA's Military shortly after the Karma War had ended. He served as King Merton's Deputy Minister for roughly two to three months before becoming the Minister of Destructor Fleets.

Minister of Destructor FleetsEdit

Pudge1975, upon the resignation of King Merton, became the Minister of Destructor Fleets (War) of the Mostly Harmless Alliance. Since then, he has contributed an overwhelming amount of ideas and work to the Ministry, and not only helped to modernize its sign ins and analytics, but also helped to make it more elite and prepared.

Commandant of DoWEdit

Upon founding the Dogs of War, Pudge1975 became it's Commandant, the highest authority in the sub-group in MHA.

Triumvir Edit

Pudge1975 many times announced his candidacy for Triumvir on IRC for the January 2010 Triumvir elections. Then, just weeks before the elections were to take place; Pourquoi stepped down as Triumvir to retake his old post as Minister of Hitchhikers. Thus, a replacement had to be selected from the Ministry by the remaining Triumvirs and Ministers, Pudge1975 was selected. Then, because of the new charter, Pudge1975 had to face a confirmation vote to fill the position. With 93% of the votes for the confirmation of Pudge1975, he was confirmed Triumvir of the Mostly Harmless Alliance on December 13, 2009. Pudge1975 was re-elected to the position of Triumvir on January 1, 2010.

Founder of the Dogs of WarEdit

Pudge1975 was the primary founder and advocate of the Dogs of War, an elite branch of the MHA military forces.


Pudge1975 has received the Ministry of Towels Award of Excellence, and the Ministry of Destructor Fleets Award of Excellence.

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