Public Services
Department of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officers Brennan, Red
Chief of Public Services N/A
Branches Public Services
Public Services ceased to exist on November 13, 2011, when its departments were moved to other places in Internal Affairs.

The Public Services of the New Pacific Order offered various services to all members of the NPO, and in the case of Red Services, to all of the Red Sphere. The Chief of Public Services oversaw all of its departments. Public Services contained Red Services, which coordinates economic assistance as well as services from the military, graphics, and wiki departments; the House-Sitter Guard, which watches over Pacificans' nations while they are absent; the Star Guard, which maintains Franco's Star on the NPO map; and the Pacifican Library, which archives everything that happens in the NPO.

Red Services[edit | edit source]

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Red Services aims to ensure that every member of the NPO and of the Red sphere is able to grow effectively through trade circles and tech deals. Red Services is open to everyone and also facilitates assistance with protection from raiders, as well as graphic works and Wiki pages. Red Services is led by the Red Services Manager and staffed by Trade Specialists and Market Specialists; the military, graphics, and wiki departments have jurisdiction over their respective sections.

House-Sitter Guard[edit | edit source]

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The House-Sitter Guard watches over Pacificans' nations when they cannot do so themselves. This can include anything from simply paying bills and collecting taxes to fighting in wars. The House-Sitter Guard is led by the Overseer and staffed by Watchdogs.

Star Guard[edit | edit source]

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The Star Guard endeavors to maintain Franco's Star on Pacifica's map. Franco's Star is a shining symbol of Pacifican culture and unity throughout the world. The Star Guard is led by the Astronomer and staffed by Observers.

Pacifican Library[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pacifican Library of the New Pacific Order

The Pacifican Library maintains an archive of all that happens in Pacifica. In addition to a general Archive, the Library has the following wings: War Room threads, which contains discussions that occurred during wars; Imperial Decrees; Departments, which has sections for Military, Public Services, Imperial Offices, and Pacific News; Appointments and Resignations; Foreign Affairs; Culture Announcements, and Charter Amendments. The Library is led by the Caretaker and staffed by the Curator.

Public Services Leadership[edit | edit source]

This was the leadership of Public Services at the time it was disbanded and the departments distributed throughout Internal Affairs.

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