The National Army of Prussia
Nationale Armee von Preußen
Flag of the Prussian National Army
Active March 27th 2009-present
Country The Imperial German Dominion of Prussia
Role Land Army
Size 250,000 (incl. 2,168,800 reserve forces)
Motto "Für den Vaterland!"
Colors Red and Black
Engagements Karma War, Slovenian Conflict, Prussian Civil War, Great Pacific War
Decorations Imperial Medal of Exceptional Service, Warrior of the Empire, Order of Frederick II
Infantry Commander Heinrich Poessinger

The National Army of Prussia (German: Nationale Armee von Preußen), is the branch responsible for fighting wars outside of the borders of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia. Soldiers of the National Army also serve as bodyguards to the Chief of General Staff.

Command StructureEdit

The National Army is directly led by the Chief of General Staff Alfred von Schliefen. They are all highly loyal to him.

Army StrengthEdit

The National Army is currently made up of 250,000 elite troops chosen from all around the nation and sent to special training camps for rigorous. The first 50,000 soldiers of the National Army directly served the Imperialists in the Tenarran Civil War, and have been veterans of many conflicts, including the Karma War.

Approximately 1/3 of the budget for the Prussian infantry is spent on training and arming the elite soldiers of the Nationale Armee.


The National Army has its headquarters 50 km south of the city of Quarthe, in a heavily fortified hilly area. The headquarters of the National Army is also designed to serve as a safe location for the Chief of General Staff in case of invasion or civil unrest.

History Prior to IndependenceEdit

The National Army was formed before the independence of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia. Known as the Imperial Liberation Army, they played a huge role in the defeat of the Loyalist and Revolutionist factions in the Tenarran Civil War.

The were renamed to The National Army of Prussia on March 27th, the Prussian day of independence.

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