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National Prussian Air Force
Národní Pruský Letectvo
Flag of the National Air Force of Prussia
Active March 27th 2009-present
Country The Imperial Dominion of Prussia
Role Airforce
Size 10000 Fighters/Bombers
Motto We are the sky
Colors Red
Engagements Karma War, Slovenian Conflict, Great Pacific War, World War IV
Decorations Imperial Medal for Exceptional Service, Flying Ace of the Empire, Order of Frederick II Air Class
Air Commander Karda Trajbold
Libor Jelinek, Flight Lieutenant

Janek Navrátil, Flight Marshall

The National Air Force of the Prussian Empire (Czech: Národní Pruský Letectvo) is the air force arm of the Dominion's military. Made up of almost entirely Czech elite pilots, it is one of the most veteran forces within the Dominion. The Air Force also receives billions in funding from the government, since the Reichswehr regards it as being the most essential part of the military.

Not only does the Prussian Air Force maintain thousands of fighters and bombers, it also employs the use of thousands of specially designed "Intercontinental Cruise Missiles" (ICCMs), which are used to hit targets at very long distances and eliminates the need to send bombers or other forces into dangerous areas. ICCMs were used extensively during the Great Pacific War in operations such as Operation Hellfire and the Bombing of Trujillo. They were not used to any great extent beforehand.

Command Structure[]

The National Air Force is maintained through a regimental system of command. Thee entire force is led by Czech commander Grand Flight Marshall Karda Trajbold. The Grand Flight Marshall fulfills the duty of managing all Groups as well as the semi-autonomous Missile Group.

There are ten groups in the Air Force, each made up of a thousand planes (five hundred fighters and bombers in each) and each of which follow separate plans of action that are passed down from High Command. Each Group is led by a single Fight Marshall that manages the day-to-day affairs in each group as well as its training and planning. Rank passes down in this way all the way to Flight Operator, the standard rank of soldiers in the National Air Force.

Force Strength[]

The Prussian Dominion has available for use a full ten thousand planes, making up ten separate groups. It also maintains a classified number of ICCMs that are constantly produced and brought to multiple launching bays around the Prussian nation. In commission as well are fifteen prototype anti-matter missiles,


The National Air Force has its headquarters in the southern part of the State of Germany, near the border of the French Empire.