Prussian Manufacturing Corporation
FoundedQuarthe, the Prussian Empire
July 27th, 2009
HeadquartersQuarthe, Prussian Empire
Number of locations56 factories; 27 corporate farms (May 2011)
Area servedPrussian Empire,United Provinces, United States, United States of JBR
Key peopleAlfred von Schliefen
ProductsClothing & Accessories, Furniture, Food Products, Luxury Goods
Production outputVaries
Revenue $1.7 billion (May 2011)
Operating income $862 million (May 2011)
Net income $838 million (May 2011)
Total assets $179 million May 2011)
Total equity $132 million (May 2011)
Owner(s)Alfred von Schliefen
Employeesapprox. 98,000 (May 2011)
DivisionsPrussian Food Inc, Prussian Fashion Co, Prussian Luxury Goods Co, Prussian Furniture Necessities Co

The Prussian Manufacturing Corporation, or as it is referred to "Prussia Inc", is a state-owned corporation that operates mostly in the Prussian Empire. Based in the capital city of Quarthe, it is considered to be the largest and furthest reaching of all Prussian companies. With the exception of certain areas of the Czech state, Prussia Inc provides its services to all areas of the Dominion, as well as in certain areas of the United States, United States of JBR and United Provinces. The company was established in July 27th, 2009, four months following the Tenarran Civil War, by Alfred von Schliefen and with the intent of providing a stimulus to aid in the recovery of the shattered economy. As of April 2011, the company provides jobs for almost 100,000 workers, and brings in over $800 million in net income every year, making it the most successful company to operate on Prussian territory.

Prussia Inc provides varied goods, among these being clothing, jewelery, furniture, foods from fish and livestock to grain, as well as many luxury goods (including the Prussaro, a famous Prussian car sold around the world). Thus, customers of Prussia Inc purchase their goods almost exclusively from it, preferring its quality and professionalism to competing brands. The United States of JBR, after striking an accord with the Prussian government, receives Prussaro cars at lower-than-average price.

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