The Imperial Guard of Prussia
Reichsgarde von Preußen
Flag of the Imperial Guard
Active March 27th 2009-present
Country The Imperial German Dominion of Prussia
Role Land Army
Size 2,150,000 (incl. 4,168,800 reserve forces)
Motto "Our Life for the Empire!"
Colors Black and White
Engagements Karma War, Slovenian Conflict, Prussian Civil War, Great Pacific War
Decorations Imperial Medal of Exceptional Service, Guardian of the Empire, Order of Frederick II
Infantry Commander Heinrich Poessinger

The Imperial Guard of Prussia (German: Reichsgarde von Preußen), is the major military branch of the Imperial German Dominion of Prussia. It is the most well recognized and honored branch in the Prussian Military, and is responsible for defending the Dominion against invading forces. The Imperial Guard also sometimes serves as a policing force within the Dominion.

Command Structure[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Guard is led by the Emergency Procedure Organization through Infantry Commander Heinrich Poessinger. He oversees the maintenance of the Guard, and is responsible for directing all military operations undertaken by the Guard.

The Infantry Commander is served by 4 Officers, with one overseeing operations in every province.

Army Strength[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Guard is made up of 2,150,000 infantry troops, with 4,168,800 troops and 8,295 tanks in reserve. The government of the Dominion reserves the right to conscript citizens as necessary to secure the defense of the nation.

A large percentage of the infantry budget goes towards maintaining the equipment and training of the current soldiers, and the rest goes towards preparing the reserves in case of necessary deployment.

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

The main headquarters of the Imperial Guard is in the Province of New Tenarra.

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