The Cascadian Republic
Flag of the Cascadian Republic
Notable Legislation

The Provisional Government was officially formed on April 5, 2008 with the filling of the last Central Executive Committee seat by placing Runs with manbearpig as General Secretary. The Provisional Government is to act as the government until the first elections. The Provisional Government is made up of:
Zhukov as President of the Republic,
Renoava as Premier of the Republic
Runs with manbearpig as General Secretary of the Cascadian Senate

The 1st Secretariat was also apart of the Provisional Government.
Naiin as Industrial Resources Secretary
Nikanor as Defense Secretary
Kaiser Jacob II as International Action Secretary
The Magistrate as Domestics Secretary
Der Bundespräsident as Immigration Secretary (Apr 30 - May 5)

Powers of the Provisional GovernmentEdit

See main article: First Amendment to the Cascadian Constitution

New powers of the Provisional Government are as outlined in the First Amendment:

  • The President will act as head of government, appointing the Secretariat and the Central Executive Committee. The President also can remove and replace any offices. The President also maintains veto power over the Senate but vetoes may be overridden by the Premier and General Secretary.
  • The Premier acts as head of state, and as chief statesman in international negotiations.

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