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The Provisional Constitution of the Socialist Workers Front was the supreme law of the Socialist Workers Front from is foundation on 14 May 2009 to the ratification of the constitution at the conclusion of the Constitutional Assembly on 5 September 2009.

Chapter I – Foundation[]

Art. 1. The Socialist Workers Front, the SWF, or simply, the Front, is founded this day, 14th of May 2009.

Art. 2. The Front is united in its belief in equality, freedom from all forms of exploitation and oppression, the necessity of democracy, tolerance and the protection of human rights.

Art. 3. The Founder of the Front shall act as nominal leader pending Chapter V of the Constitution.

Chapter II – The General Congress[]

Art. 4. The Congress is both the ultimate authority and legislative power of the Socialist Workers Front. Each member of the Front occupies one seat in the Congress. Each seat has one vote on all matters brought before the Congress.

Art. 5. The Congress has the power to create new legislation, modify past legislation, and amend the Constitution.

Art. 6. Any power not restricted by the Constitution from the Congress is reserved by the Congress.

Chapter III – Legislation[]

Art. 7. Legislation must be voted on by at least 30% of all alliance members to carry.

Art. 8. Legislation of a general kind require a simple majority (50%+1) of all votes cast to carry.

Art. 9. Legislation which amend the Constitution require a super majority (67%+1) of all votes cast to carry.

Chapter IV – Provisional Government[]

Art. 10. The Congress is prohibited from establishing formal government pending Chapter V of the Constitution.

Art. 11. The Congress may, at any time, elect a Deputy to perform any specific function within the Front by a simple majority vote.

Art. 12. Pending Chapter V of the Constitution, the Founder and any elected Deputies have the authority to govern by consensus subject to a simple majority veto by the General Congress.

Chapter V – Reorganisation[]

Art. 13. Should the alliance reach 30 active members, a Constituent Assembly must be convened to discuss the formation of a formal government and the expansion of the SWF Constitution.

Chapter VI – War & Peace[]

Art. 14. War, as a tool of State, is prohibited pending Chapter V of the Constitution. However, the individual right of members to war shall not be infringed.

Art. 15. The nominal leader may not force a member of the Front to war nor declare war on behalf of the Front as a whole.

Art. 16. No treaty may be signed by the SWF whose conditions may force the Front to declare war.