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The city of Providence in 2170
J Andres
Blackstone County
Location Providence
Area 20 square miles
Population 334,134

Providence is a large city in Blackstone County, J Andres.

Before the Grand Mexican War[]

JA Providence1

The former Rhode Island State House was a defining feature in Providence prior to 2085.

In Pre-Andrean history, Providence was the capital of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and later the state of Rhode Island. After the fall of nations in 1973, Providence continued as the capital of what was know as the Maritime Colony of Rhode Island. Leandro Ricci ran the colony as a puppet governor for the Patriarca crime family. The nation of J Andres was formed in September of 1981 and Providence was incorporated into the nation not long thereafter.

JA Providence2

Providence as a thriving metropolis in the 2060s.

Under J Andres, Providence boomed economically, and it was the economic center of J Andres up until 2033 when it was struck by a nuclear weapon. The city rebuilt quickly after 2033, with its population nearing 2 million around the time of the 2085 conclusion of the Grand Mexican War which decimated the city.

After the Grand Mexican War[]

JA Providence4

Providence in the 2130s.

The city was destroyed in the Grand Mexican War. Rebuilding of Providence has been accelerated those living in the suburbs of Providence shifted towards the city for better access to utilities and food from PPL and WASL.

Notable Locations[]

Providence is home to {Brown University, the oldest continuously operating college or university in the nation.

Williams Manor[]

JA Providence3

Williams Manor

Williams Manor is the official residence for the royal of Providence. It is named for Roger Williams the founder of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It is located on the affluent east side of Providence, on Blackstone Boulevard. The three-story home was renovated by Richard, Earl of Providence who was the first royal to live in the home.