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This alliance merged to become part of Norden Verein.

Merger occurred on/around May 9, 2008
More info is available here.

Flag of PoC

The Protectorate of Curland was a small alliance dedicated to the joy and glory of warfare. It was a member of the Hanseatic League. They later merged into Norden Verein.

Members: 21 NS: ~ 175K ave NS ~ 8.5K

Originally it consisted of three member nations:

Vitland Northwind pesht

The PoC was, while it existed the oldest Aqua alliance in the planet, founded in Dec 2006. After settling in, they took offense to Fark invading Aqua from the pink sphere and declared war on them. The plans had to be delayed for a few days while we developed our then most fearsome weapon: tanks! (yes we were that small then). With at least one nation with tanks we attacked Fark and defeated them by anarchying two nations. Fark, weary of its war with GOONs offered peace and we seeing that MHA was taking over Aqua anyway (and that it was demented and wrong to have attacked Fark in the first place) declared peace with Fark. Fark have become one of the most steadfast friends of the PoC.

That marks the beginning of our madness.

We allied ourselves with Nordreich and participated in the attack on the Internationale (LSF and SWF). We came out victorious. But a day after SWF had been given white peace it attacked Nordreich, bringing us in to GW3. We fought mostly SWF and GATO, but also stinged The Legion. In total we engaged 26 nations in war and anarchied them all (not bad for three nations). Our proudest claim (of Vitland) is that even though we went from ~ 800 infra down to 89 we were NEVER anarchied, and ended up anarchying all our opponents.

In the end GATO surrendered to us (well.. to NPO and 'its allies') and SWF disbanded. Only to be resurrected about a month later, officially surrender to us, sign a NAP and then disband again under the pressure from the FCO.

Later we allied ourselves with Norden Verein (a Nordreich offshoot) and became part of the Hanseatic League. We went in on the first wave of attack on GOONs in GW4, and withstood (with some damage) the counter attack by GOONS an RnR. In the end we were victorious (GOONs destroyed, RnR surrenderred) and went on to mop the floor with BAPS, EoTRS and LSF.

We are currently concentrating on reconstruction and growth. We have grown to 21 members by accepting into our ranks warriors from:

  The Alliance of the Willing
  The Dogs of War
  The Imperials

King Vitauts the Great

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