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A ProtectoRIte is a protectorate of the Random Insanity Alliance. The RIA currently has one active protectoRItes, as well as two other protected alliance affiliations, and throughout its history has had a total of twenty-one protectoRItes. For other treaty partners of the Random Insanity Alliance, see Military treaty partners of the Random Insanity Alliance and Non-military treaty partners of the Random Insanity Alliance.

List of ProtectoRItes[]


Flag Alliance Acro. Team Color Pact Name Since
RIA Applicant RIAA Maroon N/A Oct 7, 2007
RIA Trade Partner RIATP Maroon N/A Jul 26, 2010
Pfjflagsmall People's Front of Judea PFJ Maroon Pactum Romani Ite Domum Apr 11, 2011


Flag Alliance Acro. Team Color Pact Name From To Fate
Gothamflag Gotham N/A Black Why So Random? Accords Feb 10, 2011 May 3, 2011 Treaty upgraded
Upac United Pastafarian Alliance Coalition UPAC Aqua N/A Oct 28, 2010 Jan 25, 2011 Merged into Ragnarok
Zombielandflag Zombieland ZL Aqua N/A Feb 10, 2010 Oct 28, 2010 Changed name to UPAC
Solflag Sol N/A Orange Floridian Sunshine Pact May 15, 2010 02010-10-01Oct 2010 Disbanded; Partial Merger into RIA
Egopflag Elite Guardians of Peace EGoP Maroon Cactimus Prime and the Elite Guardians of Peace:
Legend of the Guardian of Guardians
Aug 29, 2010 Sep 23, 2010 Disbanded
CatLandFlag Cat Land CL Maroon N/A Feb 28, 2010 Apr 9, 2010 Disbanded
FourHorseman apoco The Four Horsemen T4H Maroon I Love My 4 Crazy Horsies Pact Jun 18, 2009 Dec 17, 2009 Merged into SoL
TUF The Unitican Federation/
The Unitican Empire
TUF/UAE Maroon "We don't need no stinking flags!" Mar 28, 2009 Apr 6, 2009 Merged into UINE
Alliance of Powerful Penguinz APP Multi-Colored Random Insane Penguinz Mar 21, 2009 May 21, 2009 Merged into the Realm
Zynthar-oblivion Oblivion N/A Black N/A (Temporary ProtectoRIte) Feb 4, 2009 Feb 4, 2009 Disbanded
Randomlarge RI Nation RIN Maroon N/A Oct 5, 2008 Apr 27, 2009 Became defunct
GCA FLAG NORMAL Grand Central Agency GCA Maroon Insanity on a Train Jul 19, 2008 Aug 10, 2008* Disbanded
TROYofficialflag Troy N/A Maroon Funktuar's Odyssey Jul 17, 2008 Aug 16, 2008 Disbanded
Flag of CRAP Coalition of Royal Allied Powers/
Cool Rats And People
CRAP Maroon CRAP ProtectoRIte Agreement Nov 6, 2007 Jan 7, 2009 Treaty upgraded
UnknownFlag Maroon Confederation of Allied Nations/
Maroon O o ProtectoRIte Agreement Sep 25, 2007 Mar 27, 2008 Became defunct
SpootlandFlag02 Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies SPAAA Pink The Spootland-Just-Got
-A-While-Lot-Secksier Act
Aug 20, 2007 May 18, 2008 Merged with PWC
OcUKOldFlag Overclockers UK OcUK Blue OcUK ProtectoRIte Agreement Mar 22, 2007 May 15, 2007* Treaty expired
IDF-flag-efi Indigo Defense Force IDF Blue Randomly Blue Feb 17, 2007 Mar 24, 2007 Treaty canceled
Wii Western Intelligence Inquisition Wii Maroon Wii ProtectoRIte Agreement Jan 21, 2007 May 21, 2007 Treaty canceled
RRA United Defense Contractors/
Relentless Resistance Alliance
UDC ProtectoRIte Agreement Jan 21, 2007 Apr 15, 2007* -Became defunct
-Merged into UDC


  • Dates with an asterisk mean that they are estimations and the exact date is unknown.
  • RRA was a Multi-Colored team alliance, UDC was a Black team alliance

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