'Prodigal Chieftain' is one of the most influential leaders in the history of Planet Bob. He was the first Emperor of the Grand Global Alliance, an extremely outspoken critic of the New Pacific Order and of what he viewed as imperialism and the architect the Independence Council, a bloc that was meant to counter the influence of the NPO and allies and which would serve as the template for the coaLUEtion. He waged an aggressive diplomatic campaign to unify green but in the end failed. His CN career came to an end when a coalition of pro-NPO GGA members led by Bilrow dissolved the office of the Emperor and expelled him from the alliance via coup.

Rise to power

When Prodigal Chieftain arrives on Planet Bob, green was a unique trading sphere. Unlike the others, it was not dominated by one alliance (Such as Red, Brown, Purple and until the Polar wars, Blue) or by a unified set of alliances (Such as ODN/LUE on Orange). It was called the balkans, while the neutral GPA was the "official" green alliance, it did not dominate like the others and many small alliances such as the Viridian Entente, the IGC and many others made green their home. It was unstable and generally irrelevant in global politics.

Chieftain sought to change that, founding the GGA with himself as Emperor. The GGA grew to quickly become the second largest green alliance behind only GPA, but their rise into politics came due to the policies of PC. He took a hard anti-NPO line, citing their aggressive wars against ODN and NAAC as his main rallying points. He evolved into the rival of Ivan Moldavi, who like him believed that the world was split into good an evil.

While in Moldavi's opinion (and that of his followers) the Order(later Orders) and allies were inherently right and the light of Planet Bob, PC's position was that it was a moral necessity to actively oppose the NPO and that neutrality and apathy were not to be tolerated. In addition to building his own highly anti-NPO alliance, the GGA, PC realized he would need a broader coalition to balance the world. At the time, not only was NPO by far the largest alliance on Planet Bob, they had a full alliance with The Legion and an MDP with GATO, though GATO also had an MDP with LUE

Independence Council

The Independence Council was a defensive pact between the GGA and the United Civilized States, at the time the third largest alliance on the Green Sphere. Chieftain believed to build an effective balancing force to that of the Orders and allies he would need to unify green as a solid anti-NPO sphere and second to extend the Independence Council to others spheres.

On the former he had moderate success, adding the signatures of the LUEnited Nations and of ODN. Two fatal mistakes occurred however. First, the failed recruitment of the GPA and GATO into the council and second the accidental invitation of the NPO into the council. The rejection from GPA/GATO plus the embarrassing gaffe with NPO caused ODN and LUE to pull out, thus killing the bloc. The UCS would then merge into GGA, allowing it to gain sanctioned status and thus killing the Independence Council for good.

While a failure, the Council set the stage for the latter CoaLUEtion, introducing the idea to the public of a broad anti-NPO coalition.

Green Unity?

After the failure of the IC, Prodigal Chieftain did not give up his dream of uniting green. The GGA now a sanctioned alliance, he believed it was only a natural next step for the GGA and GPA to merge and become the #1 alliance on Planet Bob. The GPA had always affirmed neutrality, but it would come under it's first active test when PC launched an aggressive and controversial campaign to merge. There was three notable incidents:

-Chieftain provided newly elected President Mary_The_Fantabulous with IRC logs in which the NPO supposedly was plotting to colonize green next. The phrase "neutral menace" was coined from these logs and supposedly the NPO wanted to in one stroke eliminate the GGA and PC while also conquering the GPA and adding it as a colony. Most believe the logs were fake, but the truth was never confirmed.

-Chieftain threatened to declare a policy similar to the Moldavi Doctrine on Green and challenged the GPA's Declaration of Neutrality in a public post on the forums. Chieftain accused Mary_The_Fantabulous of being pro-NPO and demanded she change her position or face possible war. He later issued an apology for this thread.

-In private, as later disclosed by Mary, PC threatened the GPA with a coup, claiming a number of GPA members had approached him supporting his cause. He said that if Mary did not give into his demands in 48 hours, she would be forcefully removed from the alliance (Ironic, considering his ultimate fate) and replaced with a GGA-friendly leader. Nothing ever came of this.

Once The great war began, Chieftain formally requested GPA's entry into the war and agreed to recognize GPA as a sovereign entity (Give up his merger dream) and as the official alliance of green in return. This was put up for a vote on the GPA forums but the result shall forever be unknown as President Mary said that the GPA charter did not allow even the consideration of such a proposal.


Three weeks after the war, with the NPO back at the #1 spot, Chieftain posted on the GGA forums and told the membership to prepare for war. He also instructed his diplomats, in particular Bilrow, to spread the word and gather support for a preemptive strike against The Orders. Bilrow instead used the information to turn the majority of the GGA government against Chieftain and one faithful night the coup happened.

The position of Emperor was dissolved, instead a Triumvirate was put in place and PC was expelled. The significance of this was not fully understood until a week later Bilrow shocked the world by announcing a GGA-NPO MDP. Considering the GGA was arguably the most anti-NPO alliance during the war (LUE might have a claim as well), this was seen as a major shift in CN politics. Eventually GGA under Bilrow would become a close ally of the Orders.

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