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Proconsul of
The Legion
Tzar Rob

since 21 May 2012
Term lengthIndefinite
Inaugural holderHubb
Formation22 April 2009

The Proconsul serves as the regent of the Legion. As regent, the Proconsul may only exercise the powers of the Imperator when the Imperator is absent. The Proconsul does not have an official vote in government matters, such as treaty ratification, but does participate in the Tribunal process. Like the Consulate, the Proconsul serves at the leisure of the Imperator and can be removed at any time. While it is by no means guaranteed, the Proconsul is largely believed to be next in line to become the Imperator in the event of abdication, removal or other incapacitation.

Powers of the Office[]

The Proconsul is far more limited in powers when compared to the Imperator, but may exercise the Imperator's power whenever the Imperator is absent. The following powers are delegated to the Proconsul:

  • Chief adviser and assistant to the Imperator
  • Oversight of the Consulate
  • Investigates misconduct within the Office of the Inspector General and approves Votes of No Confidence against it
  • Sits as a member of the Tribunal
  • Acts as presiding authority during Tribunal appeals process
  • Hears appeals arising from an expulsion made by the Imperator

Oversight and the Tribunal[]

The Proconsul is the only position who is tasked with oversight over the Office of the Inspector General. It is widely regarded that because the Proconsul does not have a direct vote in matters of government, the Proconsul is better able to objectively evaluate complaints of abuse within the Inspector General's Office.

The Proconsul sits as a member of the Legion Tribunal and is the presiding authority for Tribunal appeals. The Proconsul may also consider appeals that result from an Imperator's expulsion of a member for serious crimes.

Proconsuls of the Legion[]

Regent Assumed office Abdicated
Hubb 22 April 2009 1 February 2010
Lord Fingolfin 1 February 2010 21 February 2010
Watcher 1 March 2010 2 July 2010
totem 3 July 2010 23 February 2011
Alexander Kerensky 23 February 2011 "1 Januray 2012"
Tzar Rob 25 February 2011 In Office