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The Proclamation of Commitment to Peace was an open treaty in which MAD declared a stance of global non-aggression and requested that other alliances in the cyberverse sign, in recognition of MAD's then-neutrality. The PCP, as it is sometimes referred to, is similar in intent to GPA's Declaration of Neutrality, though it is much simpler due to MAD's somewhat softer version of neutrality.

As of MAD's emergence from neutrality on February 15, 2008, the PCP is no longer open to new signatories.

Treaty TextEdit

Proclamation of Commitment to Peace
We the undersigned, in full authority for the alliances we represent, recognize that Mutually Assured Defense (MAD) intends to maintain as possible a general policy of non-aggression towards the collected nations and alliances of Planet Bob. We therefore commit to the goal of peaceful coexistence with MAD and declare that all attempts will be made to seek diplomatic rather than military solutions to any problems involving MAD which may come forth in the future.


Signatories may be found at MAD's forum.

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