Probably the Shortest Treaty Ever

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Treaty Type:
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Treaty Signed: 30/11/2009
Treaty Status: Active

Probably the Shortest Treaty Ever is a treaty forming a military alliance between FOK and iFOK. It was announced on 30 November 2009.

Treaty Type Edit

Probably the Shortest Treaty Ever is an upgrade of iFOK's previous protectorate treaty with FOK, which ironically was shorter than this one, reading in full "FOK will defend iFOK." The exact nature of the upgrade was deliberately ambiguous: MikeTheFirst, iFOK's Triumvir of General Affairs, stated that the treaty was "whatever we want it to be." The treaty is in many ways a new form of open-ended alliance, and has variously been interpreted as a Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact and a Treaty of Friendship. The treaty signifies that both alliances have agreed to support each other militarily and diplomatically, while at the same time not obligating either to do so.

Text of the Treaty Edit

Article I Edit

We will always stand by each other's side.



  • Uncle Harry, President
  • Tromp, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Divi Filius, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • oinkoink12, Minister of Defense
  • Outlander, Minister of Economic Affairs

For iFOK

  • MikeTheFirst, Triumvir of General Affairs
  • ikMark, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
  • Bartimaeus46, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
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