Liana Ambrai-Garvedian
Princess of Ossetia
Full Name Liana Kiera Ambrai-Garvedian
Father Ambrai XI
Mother Princess Idril
Royal Title HH Princess Liana of Ossetia
Spouse Lord Kostas Garvedian
Issue Lord Gery, Lord Rennon, Lady Sefana
Allegiance Ossetia
Born YD 741
Died YD 811
Political Affiliation Royalist

Born the second child of Prince Riyan Ambrai XI and Princess Idril, she and the Crown Prince Amir grew up together in the secluded west wing of Reiza Palace, and had as their playground the gardens west of the palace. Their parents chose to live at Reiza for several years instead of alternating between Reiza and Athlante each half of the year, as life at Athlante meant very little privacy for the royal children. Soon after Amir turned twelve, when Liana was ten, the family resumed the winter/summer residence that was the tradition. Though the children were very close in their formative years, and would not be seperated by choice, Amir's increasing study time away from his sister as he grew older meant that Liana would often be found alone. She became interested in equine studies and spent much of her time on the estate at Reiza with horses, breaking them in and attending local show-jumping competitions, of which she was a keen fan.

After finishing her secondary education, she enrolled at Schola Academia Ossetia in Feruche and studied teaching. During a summer break, while competing at dressage, she met her future husband, Kostas Garvedian, who shared her keen interest in horses. She finished her degree in primary education teaching, and soon found a job at a prominent primary school in Feruche. After working there for several years, she married Kostas, and was given Kiriko Manor as a wedding present by her father. She found work again at a local school and worked there until her retirement in 807. Though she did not attend many royal functions, she did attend each Christmas ball at Athlante, and posed with family members for official photographs. She was a keen supporter of dressage and show-jumping, and her two younger children have followed her interest, with her daughter Sefana in particular a successful show-jumper. Her unexpected death was a blow to the royal family, especially her brother.

Some time before her death, she chose not to be buried in the Dragon Crypt with her family, as was her right as a princess of Ossetia, but instead chose to be buried next to her husband, in the public graveyard near Kiriko Manor.

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